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For the demon hunter weapon, see warglaive.
Huntress Naisha, wielding a glaive

Moonglaives[1][2][3] or moon glaives and glaives[4] are favored three-bladed weapon of the night elf Sentinels,[5] especially the huntresses. They can be used either in melee[6] or as a thrown weapon.[7] A skilled user can gain feats to ricochet the weapon off opponents and back into their own hands.[8] Tyrande Whisperwind is said to practice often with her silver glaive[9] and was seen wielding it illuminated with Elune's light. During the War Against the Nightmare, Tyrande lost her weapon[10] and later shaped the light of Elune into a moonlight weapon that resembled her favored glaive.[11]

Each glaive has the name of the Sentinel it belonged to imprinted upon its blade.[12]

Night elven wardens use ring-shaped glaives called umbra crescents[13][14] or moonblades.[15] They can also wield the traditional glaives.[16]

Glaive throwers use glaives as projectile.[17]

Several ethereal warriors of the Protectorate[18] and Ethereum[19] are also seen using glaives.

Other types

Azzinoth's blades, formerly wielded by Illidan Stormrage, are a type of glaives[20] called warglaives.

There are other shapes and types of glaives used by various races.[21] Troll shadow hunters[22] and pit lords also use a different kind of glaives.[23][24] So do mogu.[25]

When Garrosh Hellscream had Vol'jin assassinated, the troll's glaive was lost. After Vol'jin was rescued, Chen Stormstout had a new glaive, a dual-bladed sword, made for the troll.[26] After Garrosh escaped from his trial an alternate Vol'jin attacked an alternate Anduin Wrynn with his glaive. Although Prince Anduin knocked the glaive with King Anduin's Fearbreaker, the troll managed to stab the King in his chest.[27]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Naga sirens use spear-like glaives.[28]



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