Moonglow Cuttlefish

Inv misc fish 70.png200
  • Moonglow Cuttlefish
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 8 Copper.png


Moonglow Cuttlefish can be fished from the schools and open waters of The Frozen Sea, the southern sea of Northrend.


While these schools may be safely fished from the floating ice just south of Moa'ki Harbor, other waters are not so friendly. Spell frost windwalkon.png [Water Walking], Spell holy layonhands.png [Levitate], or a flying mount are recommend to avoid the dangers of the unfriendly waters.

As an ingredient



Cuttlefish schools are often found near Inv misc fish 60.png [Deep Sea Monsterbelly] schools; see also Moonglow Cuttlefish School.

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