NeutralMoontouched wildkin
Moontouched Den.jpg
Main leader Neutral  Aroom
  Formerly Mob  Lunaclaw † (presumed)
Race(s) Wildkin Wildkin
Base of operations Moontouched Den
Theater of operations Darkshore
Status Defunct

The Moontouched wildkin was a vast tribe[1] of wildkin that inhabited the forests of Darkshore. Young night elf druids used to visit these moonkin in order to face Lunaclaw and gain his blessing of the strength of body and heart. This allowed them to be attuned for their [Bear Form].[2]

When the Cataclysm struck all except one, Aroom, perished on that day.[3] Their ghosts now hunt the Moontouched Den and are aggressive as always. When visited by an adventurer to ask for help, Aroom got up and picked his tribes' remains.[1] He decided to burn the remains with a special touch known as  [Elune's Torch] which he needed to take from Horoo the Flamekeeper. He gained the torch and with everything in place, Aroom finally laid his tribe to rest. Grateful for the adventurer's help, Aroom went to join Malfurion in Darkshore.[4]




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