MobMoonwing wildkin
Moonwing wildkin.jpg
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) Wildkin Wildkin
Base of operations Moonwing Den
Theater of operations Azuremyst Isle
Status Active

The Moonwing wildkin are a group of wildkin that inhabits Silvermyst Isle on Azuremyst Isle. For many years, the wildkin were friendly to the local night elf family and lived together in harmony. When the draenei ship was crashed, pieces of its crystals spread around the area. The radiation from these crystals drove the wildlife, along with the Moonwing wildkin, mad. They attacked their former night elf friends, killing one of them and can no longer be reasoned with.[1]

Also after the Exodar's fall, these owlkin began to worship Hauteur, a crazed fire elemental. He demanded that they regularly build effigies and burn them in his honor; one such effigy can be found at Moonwing Den.

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As of the Fourth War, the moonkin are still on Silvermyst.[2]