BossMordretha, the Endless Empress
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Gender Female
Race Naga (Undead)
Level 62 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Theater of Pain
Status Killable
Theater of Pain

An Affront of Challengers
Xav the Unfallen
Mordretha, the Endless Empress



Mordretha, the Endless Empress is the last boss located in the Theater of Pain.

Adventure Journal

Endless battles and endless victories, Mordretha has bested every opponent who has challenged her. In life she was a master of dark magic and her time in Maldraxxus has only expanded that knowledge. Is this the title match the Theater of Pain has been waiting for?


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Unyielding Combatant's Pauldrons] Unyielding Combatant's Pauldrons#Heroic Plate shoulders
 [Ring of Perpetual Conflict] Ring of Perpetual Conflict#Heroic Ring
 [Deathwalker's Promise] Deathwalker's Promise#Heroic Off-hand
 [Fallen Empress's Cord] Fallen Empress's Cord#Heroic Cloth waist
 [Grim Codex] Grim Codex#Heroic Trinket
 [Barricade of the Endless Empire] Barricade of the Endless Empire#Heroic Shield
 [Vanquished Usurper's Footpads] Vanquished Usurper's Footpads#Heroic Leather feet


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  • Accept your defeat.
  • All whom you have slain cry out for vengeance!
  • All... things... must end...
  • At long last, a worthy contender...
  • Behold my power and despair!
  • Death itself demands your souls.
  • My magic reaches beyond your mortal ken.
  • Reality turns its ire against you.
  • So ends your trial. In failure.
  • You cannot win.
  • You shall be swept into oblivion.
  • Your wanton slaughter will be returned tenfold!

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