More Marks of Kil'jaeden

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NeutralMore Marks of Kil'jaeden
Start Adyen the Lightwarden
End Adyen the Lightwarden
Level 65 (Requires 65)
Category Shattrath City
Reputation The Aldor 250, The Scryers -275
Repeatable Yes


Do you bear more of our enemies' insignias, <class>?  The Burning Legion continues to be a threat and we continue to pursue them anywhere that we find them.


You continue to prove your worth, <name>.  Fight the enemies of the Light wherever you may find them; your actions will be well-rewarded.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  • This quest can be repeated up to Honored reputation.
  • See also N [65] Single Mark of Kil'jaeden for handing in Marks one at the time. The two quest give the same amount of reputation per Mark.

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