HordeMorka Bruggu
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Gender Female
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Horde
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed mate, eight children
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Morka Bruggu is an orc soldier of the Horde. She participated in the war against the Burning Legion and later served as a guard in Orgrimmar before being assigned as one of Varok Saurfang's personal guards during the War of the Thorns. She is married to a blacksmith and has eight children.


Morka fought alongside High Overlord Saurfang in defending the Crossroads during the Burning Legion's invasion of the Northern Barrens. At some point she fought against a pit lord alongside about three dozen others. When the pit lord fell to the ground, Morka struck the killing blow with her hammer against his head, which as far as she was concerned meant that she had first call on the spoils. She claimed a piece of plate strapped to the demon's finger, which her blacksmith mate reshaped so she could wear it strapped against her thigh. As she later told Saurfang, however, Morka didn't travel to the Broken Isles, nor did she participate in the battles at the Tomb of Sargeras or on Argus, as she "wasn't invited".

After the Legion's defeat, a few weeks prior to the War of the Thorns, Morka served as a guard in Orgrimmar. One morning, she and several other guards, including a tauren whose name she couldn't remember, sat atop one of the city's battlements, drinking and laughing, until they were discovered by High Overlord Saurfang, who gave them a long, furious lecture about their incompetence for being drunk on duty while Alliance spies crawled over the city. He ordered them to remain atop the battlements for the next two guard shifts, after which he would contemplate a suitable punishment. The guards numbly returned to their posts, but Morka later realized that the High Overlord hadn't asked any of their names and thus wouldn't be able to punish them after all.

A time thereafter, after Saurfang announced that anyone who killed an Alliance spy in the city would be rewarded with a thousand gold coins, Morka spotted and caught a gnome rogue. However, moments later, someone that smelled like a human laid his dagger at her throat from behind and forced her to let go of the spy. Morka managed to grab the assailant's blade, but he threw exploding powder in her face that momentarily blinded and deafened her, allowing him to escape. An hour later, Nathanos Blightcaller brought Morka to Saurfang, who revealed that the human who attacked her was actually Nathanos and that they had to let the spy escape as part of Saurfang's ongoing efforts to deceive the Alliance. Saurfang invited Morka to serve as one of his personal guards in an upcoming military effort, which she accepted. The day after the conversation, Morka realized that Saurfang had mentioned her fighting alongside him at the Crossroads, meaning that he remembered her from the Orgrimmar battlements but had decided to give her a second chance.

Weeks later, Saurfang led the Horde army in marching through the Northern Barrens, officially to travel to Silithus but truthfully to attack the night elf capital of Darnassus. When the army changed directions and began heading north, Morka was initially as surprised as the other guards but soon put the pieces of Saurfang's grand plan together. When Saurfang openly announced the Horde's intent to attack Darnassus at the border between the Barrens and Ashenvale, Morka joined the other soldiers in cheering "For the Horde!".

After days of fighting in Ashenvale, Morka accompanied Saurfang in the town of Astranaar, whose inhabitants appeared to have been slaughtered by Horde rogues. At the inn, she spotted and revealed a night elf rogue. When night elf forces, including Malfurion Stormrage himself, ambushed the town, Morka reluctantly obeyed Saurfang's orders and fled with a container of maps to deliver to Warchief Sylvanas. However, she later returned and led the effort of rescuing the wounded Saurfang from the rubble of the Astranaar inn after he was defeated in a duel with Malfurion.

After Sylvanas ordered Saurfang and Nathanos to find a way into Darkshore through Felwood, she also told the High Overlord to leave the siege weapons and any of his guards who could swim under her command. Morka wanted to accompany Saurfang, but he told her to obey the warchief's orders. She thus volunteered to be among the raiders who swam out to attack the night elf ships off the coast of Darkshore while the Horde's siege weapons barraged the ships from the shore. Morka and fourteen others (including Hiamo, the tauren she had shared drinks with in Orgrimmar) swam underwater past the night elf fleet, then climbed into the nearest kaldorei vessel from the seaward side, killing most of the crew and forcing the rest to commandeer the ship toward Teldrassil.

Morka's subsequent fate is unclear. After Sylvanas ordered her forces to burn Teldrassil, Saurfang saw a couple of kaldorei ships and captured vessels trying to move away from the flaming World Tree as burning branches rained down on them.[1]