Image of Mortanis
Gender Male
Race(s) Boneguard, formerly Maldraxxi necromancer (Undead)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of Rituals
Location House of the Chosen, Maldraxxus[32, 66]
Status Killable

Mortanis in his original necromancer form.

Mortanis is a boneguard world boss located in the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus while the world quest N [60EEWQ] Mortanis is available.

Baron Vyraz ordered Head Summoner Perex to summon Mortanis. Perex found this to be a preposterous idea due to the anima drought and messaged Vyraz back that he'd need to "scrounge up some anima if he wants his boneguard",[1] which is apparently also what happened.

Adventure Guide

One of the most studied necromancers of the House of Rituals, Mortanis has been working tirelessly on a means of transforming himself into a more powerful form. Now, he is only a few moments from succeeding.


  • Inv misc bone 07.png  Spine Crawl Important — Summon a spine of bony spikes that deals Physical damage to enemies in a line in front of the caster.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Unholy Frenzy Enrage — Go into a frenzy, increasing Haste by 100%.
  • Spell shadow skull.png  Screaming Skull Deadly — Attach a screaming skull to an enemy that will explode in 8 sec, dealing Shadow damage split evenly between all enemies near the target.
  • Inv axe 120.png  Bone Cleave Tank Alert — Cleaves all targets in front of the caster, dealing Physical damage split between them.
  • Ability deathknight boneshield.png  Unruly Remains Important — Summons some angry bones, which cause the ground to rupture in an ever-increasing radius of Shadow damage.
  • Inv offhand 1h artifactskulloferedar d 02.png  Lord of the Fallen Deadly — Summon all of the bones of the fallen, creating Unruly Remains around the battlefield and reducing the cooldown of Spine Crawl.
  • Inv skeletonhandpet blue.png  Summon Skeleton — While in the area surrounding Mortanis and his necromancers, skeletons will be summoned constantly against his foes.



The ritual will not be disrupted! Bones of the fallen, awaken and greet our visitors!
Necrotic Ritualist slain
  • A willing sacrifice for the House of Rituals!
  • Their bones will only strengthen my vessel!
  • This too, has been foreseen!
All Ritualists slain
Your disturbance matters not, for the ritual is complete.
Mortanis transforms into a massive boneguard.
Behold, my new vessel awaits--a form more befitting of a true master of death!
Spine Crawl
The bones call for you!
Screaming Skull
The skulls of the fallen cry for vengeance!
Lord of the Fallen
The power of Maldraxxus flows through me! I am the face of death!
Gra ha ha, it is fitting that it took... so many of you... to fell me...


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