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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Armorer, farmer, diplomat, weaponsmith, alchemist, healer. All of these professions are noble and have their places, but in these troubled post-war days, one craft has risen above the others in sheer profit margins: the mortician. Morticians do not go hungry.

Undead populations always need replenishing with fresh troops, and graveyard raiding is a common job for undead minions. City and town guards devote precious time to protecting these plots, and some have even petitioned to bring the cemeteries inside the cities, which would take up valuable space and spread disease. Some morticians have seized this opportunity by hiring guards themselves and charging top dollar for "guaranteed safe resting places" for citizens' loved ones. Mausoleums gain popularity, as undead can easily dig through dirt but have more trouble with marble walls. Sadly, this option is also quite expensive and not available to the poor. An underground movement also has risen in popularity, although it defies most Alliance sensibilities: cremation. The shamanistic religions of the Horde have no problem giving the body to fire at death; and while cremation is not against the teaching of the Holy Light, Alliance citizens do not want to practice what they see as a barbarian ritual. Yet cremation does allow the body to deteriorate without becoming fouled with necromancy, and this option appeals to many.[1]

There was a mortuary school in Raven Hill.[2]

In World of Warcraft

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