MobMosh'Ogg Ogre Mound
Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound.jpg
Type Ogre mound
Leader(s) Mai'Zoth
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Language(s) Ogre
Affiliation(s) Mosh'Ogg
Location Northern Stranglethorn[66, 52]
Status Destroyed (lore); Active (game)

The Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound is an ogre mound inhabited by the Mosh'Ogg tribe of ogres located in Northern Stranglethorn, just south of Zul'Gurub. Deep inside the mound, their leader, the ogre mage Mai'Zoth holds a powerful relic called the  [Mind's Eye].

During the war against the Zandalari, the place was overrun by Jungle Serpents and all the ogres were killed.


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Patch changes

  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): The ogres are no longer elite.

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