Mount equipment slot in the Mounts tab.

Mount equipment offers items that can be equipped in the new mount equipment slot and grants a buff to all mounts. Examples include water walking, a slow fall, and the ability to not be dazed.

Hitting level 100 on one character will unlock the system. Once unlocked, the system will be available to all characters, and the equipment pieces themselves will require level 20.[1]

Known items

Item Effect Source
 [Anglers' Water Striders] Water walking Purchasable from Nat Pagle in various locations
 [Comfortable Rider's Barding] Prevents being dazed while mounted Craftable with Leatherworking
 [Inflatable Mount Shoes] Water walking Craftable with Blacksmithing
 [Light-Step Hoofplates] Increases ground speed by 20% Craftable with Enchanting
 [Saddlechute] Causes a parachute to be deployed when dismounting high in the air Craftable with Tailoring


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