Mountaineer Stormpike's Task

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AllianceMountaineer Stormpike's Task
Start Mountaineer Kadrell
End Mountaineer Stormpike
Level 15 (Requires 9)
Experience 550 XP
Reputation +75 Ironforge
Next A [14] Stormpike's Order

Mountaineer Stormpike's Task is the 1st quest in the Mountaineer Stormpike's Task quest chain.


Speak with Mountaineer Stormpike.


I hear Mountaineer Stormpike is looking for a runner. Someone to do a little traveling for him. How about it? Are you the <race> for the job?

If so, then you'll find Stormpike at the top of the northern guard tower.


That's right.  I have a task that I can't do while I'm guarding.  In fact, it'll take you far from Loch Modan.

Your perfect chance for adventure!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 550 XP (or 3s 30c at level 70)

Quest chain

  1. A [15] Mountaineer Stormpike's Task
  2. A [14] Stormpike's Order

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