Mounting Hodir's Helm

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NeutralMounting Hodir's Helm
Start Njormeld
End Njormeld
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 5500 (or 3g 30s at 80)
Reputation +195 The Sons of Hodir
Rewards 1g 90s
Previous N [80] Forging a Head
Next N [80 Daily] Polishing the Helm (daily)
Hodir's Helm, in its place of honor


Njormeld wants you to fly to the tip of the northern ice spike in Dun Niffelem and use the  [Tablets of Pronouncement].

  • Hodir's Helm Mounted


The helm is forged.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, small one. Though there remains much to do, we sons of Hodir are grateful for your accomplishments.

In return, I offer you the opportunity to present Hodir's helm to our king and our brethren.

Fly to the sparkling tip of the small ice spike in front of me and read to our people from this tablet.

Enjoy the privilege, <class>. Never before has an outsider been given such an honor!


Have you mounted Hodir's Helm, <race>?


<Njormeld gazes up at Hodir's Helm, visibly moved.>

That will do, little <race>.

That will do....


The small ice spike is, just west of the spike next to King Jokkum at [64.2, 59.2]. It is in between Lorekeeper Randvir and Frostworg Denmother. You do not need to land on the spike, which sparkles like any quest target item, but just hover in the air near the tip and Use the  [Tablets of Pronouncement]. You will trigger the announcement:

Sons of Hodir! I humbly present to you....
The Helm of Hodir!


  1. N [80] Forging a Head
  2. N [80] Mounting Hodir's Helm
  3. N [80 Daily] Polishing the Helm

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