Mountspecial can be used as a slash command (/Mountspecial ) causing your mount and certain druid forms to perform a special stunt, depending on the mount.

For ground mounts and for flying mounts in no-fly zones, this animation can be generally triggered while standing and pressing the space bar, but for shapeshifted forms and flying mounts in flight-enabled zones, only the slash command can be used. Bikes animation 'Jumps on the spot' can be triggered while standing and pressing the space bar only, for exclusive bikes animation 'Double turn on the spot' for  [Warlord's Deathwheel] and  [Champion's Treadblade] can be triggered by the slash command only.

The function cannot be used while moving, and the slash command has been 'fixed' to only work while at altitude zero.

List of stunts per mount type

  • Rams, Horses/Deer/Camels and similar mounts, Elekks and Mammoths: rear up.
  • Gryphons and Hippogryphs: roar, spread wings and rear up
  • Sabers, Silithid, Wolfhawks, Wyverns and Cat Form/Travel Form: throw back head and roar
  • Kodos, Wolves and Bears: throw the head from side to side with a roar (except for the Darkmoon bear)
  • Unicorns/Coursers: rear up and twirl around
  • Raptors, Mechanostriders, Hawkstriders, Tallstriders, Raven Lord: stretch head upwards, all except Mechanostriders roar/squawk. Hawkstriders and Raven Lord also flap/spread wings
  • Turtles: hide in shell
  • Armored Dread Raven: rear upwards and flap their wings with a roaring scream.
  • Nether Rays: move in a wavy motion
  • Dragons/Drakes: spread wings and roar
  • Proto-drakes: flap wings, rear up and roar
  • Fire Hawks: flap their wings, rear up and scream
  • Flight Form/Swift Flight Form,  [Heart of the Aspects]: perform a loop
  • Engineer Flying Machine: stall out and drop to the ground; restart and hover again after a few seconds
  • Kor'kron Annihilator/Amber Scorpion: raise pincers and shift menacingly
  • Cloud Serpents: arch upward and lower down with a screaming howl
  • Running Wild (Worgen): pressing down body a little, rearing head up and snarling (snarl sound differs between males and females)
  •  [Moonfang's Paw]: howl (not a mount, but /mountspecial still works)
  • Bikes (all variants), pressing the space bar: jump on the spot
  • Goblin Trike and Turbo-Trike: head lamp produces light beam, rear white lamp(s) glows brighter, jet boost works more intense
  •  [Reins of the Llothien Prowler]: describes a figure eight

Note: though some animations imply the mount makes a noise - for example, "roars" - only a few make a noise.

Macro to make this command more readily usable

To make the command more "on the go", you can try making a macro like this:

/script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");
/script UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");

and then mapping it to ctrl-space, which normally is unoccupied. Unhooking the errors is done so you don't get errors if you hit the buttons while moving.