MobMouthpiece of Ner'zhul
Image of Mouthpiece of Ner'zhul
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 10-40
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shadowmoon clan, Iron Horde
Location Shaz'gul, Shadowmoon Valley[38.98, 62.85]

The Mouthpiece of Ner'zhul is a male orc of the Shadowmoon clan that speaks for their chieftain, Ner'zhul, in Shaz'gul in Shadowmoon Valley.


  • Warlock curse shadow aura.png  Crackling Void — Shadow. Channels a crackling beam of Void energy that inflicts Shadow damage every 2 sec for 6 sec. 15 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. 
  • Inv elemental primal shadow.png  Void Shield — Shadow. Discharges void energy at an attacker, dealing 40% weapon damage as Shadow. 100 yd range. Instant. 
  • Inv elemental primal shadow.png  Void Shield Totem — Physical. Summons a Void totem at the feet of the caster for 25 sec that protects the caster reducing damage taken by 90% and inflicts Shadow damage when the caster is struck. Instant. 35 sec cooldown. 


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