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Move To is a pet command that sends the pet to a location and commands it to stay there. The location is selected via a targeting reticule. The two pet movement commands Follow and Move To are mutually exclusive, and one is always active on a pet at any given time.

Outside of combat, a pet commanded to Move To a location will stay at that location, regardless of its master's movements. However, pets set to Move To will still follow normal behaviour rules set by their stance (Assist, Defensive or Passive) and respond to the Attack command; attacks by the player (for Assist), upon the player (for Assist or Defensive), or the command to Attack will all cause the pet to attack the appropriate target. When combat ends they will return to the location they were ordered to move to.

Mounting automatically sets pets to Follow, cancelling any Move To command.

It is possible to lose a pet by ordering it to Move To a location, and then moving out of range of the pet.