Moving In

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For the Frostfire Ridge quest, see H [91] Moving In.
NeutralMoving In
Start Tore Rumblewrench
End Tore Rumblewrench
Level 78 (Requires 77)
Category Storm Peaks
Rewards 6g 80s


Tore Rumblewrench outside of Crystalweb Cavern wants you to kill 12 Crystalweb Spiders.


Hiya! The name's Tore. I head up the mining operation here at K3... or I will shortly anyway!

This here cave is full of creepy-crawlies. I think we could do with a few less spiders before we move in - what'd you think?


You will receive: 6g 80s


Be careful near that dispenser! Those things are dangerous.


Ha ha! Good to see you're up for some dirty wook.

Much appreciated there, pal!


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