AllianceMoxie Lockspinner
Image of Moxie Lockspinner
Gender Female
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 50
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Thief
Location Deadwash, Stormsong Valley; Boralus; Rustbolt, Mechagon Island
Status Alive

In Tradewinds Counting House.

Moxie Lockspinner is a gnome thief. In her past, she has "visited" Tol Dagor, Tol Barad and the Stormwind Stockades, and has expressed a desire to see the Boralus bank as well. At the Deadwash in Stormsong Valley, she participated in the town's effort in recovering a long lost treasure from a Second War ship. Moxie has recently been sighted in the Boralus Bank stealing from the tellers and carrying bags from the vault. Additionally, when noticed by another rogue, she paused, raised a silencing finger to her mouth and continued on her thieving.

She also appears in Rustbolt on Mechagon Island with Earl-E.


  • Ability stealth.png  Stealth — Puts the caster in stealth mode. Lasts until cancelled. 




Stormsong Valley initial

Certain Kul Tirans kind of associate me with certain robberies, that I really don't know anything about.


We got problems, <name>. The Tortollan found a box, and we want it!

Mechagon Island
  • I'm looking for smart people like you <name>, to invest lots of gold in a new business I am starting.
  • You sure do look familiar... Do any time in Tol Dagor?
  • You got any useful skills like forgery or safe cracking?


  • A gnomes gotta watch her back around these Kul Tirans.
  • There was a guard at Tol Dagor, looked just like you!
  • I should have been born a goblin, they appreciate my unique abilities more.
  • Using that thing made my hair turn green! (during A [30-50] Fun With Magnets)
  • You're still alive <name>! You're lucky like me.
  • If there's no more coins here, check the other locations.
  • Know any Kul Tiras nobles with lots of gold and poor security?
  • I get your share if you die!
  • I had a dream like this, but I was in the Ironforge bank.
  • Just like the Ironforge bank, this is a five person job.
  • Zandalar is made out of gold. There's got to be a way to steal the whole city?
  • Think you could sneak me into the
    [sic] Bank of Boralus?
  • You and I are pretty much friends now. Can I borrow some gold?
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  • Her generic name in Stormsong Valley is Worker.
  • An unreleased quest from Stormsong about a treasure refers to Moxie Botshiv which was likely an early name for Moxie Lockspinner.

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