Mr. Gryph

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NeutralMr. Gryph
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Title Premier Alpha Glyph Vendor
Beta Glyph Vendor
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 105
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Location Scribe's Sacellum, Dalaran

Mr. Gryph can be found in the Scribe's Sacellum in Dalaran.


Item Cost
 [Glyph of Arachnophobia] 4s
 [Glyph of Autumnal Bloom] 100g
 [Glyph of Blackout] 4s
 [Glyph of Burning Anger] 4s
 [Glyph of Burnout] 4s
 [Glyph of Cracked Ice] 4s
 [Glyph of Crackling Crane Lightning] 4s
 [Glyph of Crackling Flames] 4s
 [Glyph of Crackling Tiger Lightning] 4s
 [Glyph of Crimson Banish] 4s
 [Glyph of Critterhex] 4s
 [Glyph of Crittermorph] 4s
 [Glyph of Disguise] 4s
 [Glyph of Evaporation] 4s
 [Glyph of Fallow Wings] 4s
 [Glyph of Fel Imp] 4s
 [Glyph of Fel Touched Souls] 4s
 [Glyph of Fel Wings] 4s
 [Glyph of Fel-Enemies] 4s
 [Glyph of Felguard] 4s
 [Glyph of Fighting Pose] 4s
 [Glyph of Fire From the Heavens] 4s
 [Glyph of Flash Bang] 4s
 [Glyph of Flickering] 4s
 [Glyph of Foul Menagerie] 4s
 [Glyph of Ghostly Fade] 4s
 [Glyph of Gushing Wound] 4s
 [Glyph of Hawk Feast] 4s
 [Glyph of Honor] 4s
 [Glyph of Inspired Hymns] 4s
 [Glyph of Lesser Proportion] 4s
 [Glyph of Lingering Ancestors] 4s
 [Glyph of Mana Touched Souls] 4s
 [Glyph of Mighty Victory] 4s
 [Glyph of Nesingwary's Nemeses] 4s
 [Glyph of Pebbles] 4s
 [Glyph of Pillar of Light] 4s
 [Glyph of Polymorphic Proportions] 4s
 [Glyph of Rising Tiger Kick] 4s
 [Glyph of Shackle Undead] 4s
 [Glyph of Shadow] 4s
 [Glyph of Shadow-Enemies] 4s
 [Glyph of Shadowy Friends] 4s
 [Glyph of Smolder] 4s
 [Glyph of Soulwell] 4s
 [Glyph of Sparkles] 4s
 [Glyph of Spirit Raptors] 4s
 [Glyph of Stars] 4s
 [Glyph of Stellar Flare] 4s
 [Glyph of Tattered Wings] 4s
 [Glyph of the Blazing Savior] 4s
 [Glyph of the Blazing Trail] 4s
 [Glyph of the Crimson Shell] 4s
 [Glyph of the Dire Stable] 4s
Glyph of the Doe 4s
 [Glyph of the Feral Chameleon] 4s
 [Glyph of the Forest Path] 4s
 [Glyph of the Geist] 4s
 [Glyph of the Goblin Anti-Grav Flare] 4s
 [Glyph of the Heavens] 4s
 [Glyph of the Hook] 4s
Glyph of the Cheetah 4s
 [Glyph of the Chilled Shell] 4s
 [Glyph of the Inquisitor's Eye] 4s
 [Glyph of the Luminous Charger] 4s
 [Glyph of the Observer] 4s
Glyph of the Orca 4s
 [Glyph of the Queen] 4s
Glyph of the Sentinel 4s
 [Glyph of the Sha] 4s
 [Glyph of the Shivarra] 4s
 [Glyph of the Skeleton] 4s
 [Glyph of the Spectral Raptor] 4s
 [Glyph of the Spectral Wolf] 4s
 [Glyph of the Sun] 100g
 [Glyph of the Trident] 4s
 [Glyph of the Unbound Elemental] 4s
 [Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon] 4s
 [Glyph of the Val'kyr] 4s
 [Glyph of the Voidlord] 4s
 [Glyph of the Weaponmaster] 4s
 [Glyph of Thunder Strike] 4s
 [Glyph of Winged Vengeance] 4s
 [Glyph of Wrathguard] 4s
 [Glyph of Yu'lon's Grace] 4s
 [Charred Glyph] 4s
 [Tome of the Tranquil Mind] 25g
 [Vanishing Powder] 40s

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