• Mr. Pinchy
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Speak with Mr. Pinchy and be granted a Wish!   Maybe something good...maybe something bad....Mr. Pinchy does not know! (4 Hrs Cooldown)
  • Requires Level 55
  • 3 Charges
  • Sell Price: 20s

Mr. Pinchy is a very rare catch from high level Outland fishing spots (Highland Mixed Schools) which can only be found in three of the lakes in Terokkar Forest, all three of which require a flying mount (or druid flight form) to reach. The first two lakes are respectively above each of the faction towns in the area and completely empty of any hostile NPCs, making them pretty easy to fish; Lake Jorune above Stonebreaker Hold for Horde, and Lake Ere'Noru above Allerian Stronghold for Alliance. The third, Blackwind Lake is much larger, provides many more Highland Mixed School spawn points, and is surrounded by the dangerous denizens of Skettis within the Skethyll Mountains. This lake is considerably more dangerous as patrolling Water Elementals, Talonsworn Forest-Ragers, the Arakkoa and their Monstrous Kaliri all reside in Skettis and a fight against one enemy can quickly escalate to multiple enemies for an unwary adventurer.

As of patch 3.1, there are no requirements beyond Fishing Level 1 to fish from schools. Previously, to fish in these pools it was suggested that the player have at least 450 skill in fishing, then adding points from fishing gear such as those won in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, as well as applying a temporary lure to their fishing pole. The aim was for the player to be buffed for fishing with a skill of 495 to prevent their catches from getting away most of the time.

Possible outcomes of 3 wishes:

  • Summon Mighty Mr. Pinchy: Summons a guardian which assists the player in battle with a 10 minute duration. It is named Benevolent Mr. Pinchy, <Name's Guardian>. It does melee damage (as seen in photo for about 250 damage on the Worg) and occasionally uses [Sunder Armor]. Switching continents, e.g. by using your Hearthstone, automatically dismisses the guardian.
  • [Mr. Pinchy's Gift]: Gift box with 5 Super Healing Potions and 5 Super Mana Potions.
  • [Magical Crawdad Box]: Containing a Magical Crawdad.
  • Mr. Pinchy's Blessing: Health increased by 500. This effect persists through death and is considered a flask. 2 hour duration.
  • Summon Furious Mr. Pinchy: Level 70 non-elite, Furious Mr. Pinchy, attacks you and your party. Furious Mr. Pinchy has 5560 HP, with 3155 Mana (although seems only to melee). Corpse cannot be looted.


If your inventory is full when you get a [Mr. Pinchy's Gift], you will receive it in the mail with a letter that reads "So, Mr. Pinchy grants you a gift and you throw it away like garbage eh? Well, you HAVE to take it! But don't think Mr Pinchy didn't notice. Mr. Pinchy will have his revenge! When you least expect it..."

Player reactions


Mr. Pinchy, bring me a wish
I've been so patient, to sit here and fish
My friends are busy all getting their quests done
And I'm alone here sitting with Jhuudhun

Pinchy, I've been so blind
There's so much Scryer rep left to grind
I've things to do other than fish
Mr. Pinchy, bring me my wish!


Mr. Pinchy, I want a pet
That's epic and a non-combat-ant
Party buffs are nice, it is true
And please believe that I don't want to kill you

Pinchy, elusive crawdad
My friends all think that I'm going mad
How many Int scrolls must I get?
Mr. Pinchy, bring me my pet!


Mr. Pinchy, please have a heart
I'm but a gnome and my legs are too short
To wade and fish in extra-deep water
Or run away from pats that will slaughter

Pinchy, I've been fishing so long
That Lae's resorted to rewriting this song
Can't you just bite and do your part?
Mr. Pinchy, please have a heart!

The Mr. Pinchy Song

For those people fishing for Mr. Pinchy, the Mr. Pinchy theme song may offer some consolation. It was written by Laecesudhan of the Terenas server and should be sung to the tune of "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes. The song was written for a fishing-happy gnome warlock with a felguard pet named "Jhuudhun".

Pinchy Poem

A Poem for the impatient people who think Pinchy is something one can do in the free time between raids and instances. A roleplayer notices its not something that can be done in three hours.

Forum poll

A poll appeared on the forums related to fishing up Mr. Pinchy. While this is non scientific, it gives insight into the droprate of this rare pet.

Blizzard Entertainment Poll Results For: "How long did it take you to fish up a Mr. Pinchy?"

Whatever number is infinity plus 1, the bobber is burned into my monitor. 349 votes Template:Poll
An absolutely enormous amount, it was crazy! 169 votes Template:Poll
A moderate amount, nothing I can't handle. 584 votes Template:Poll
Barely any, he was incredibly easy. 451 votes Template:Poll
Haven’t gotten one yet, despite my best efforts :( 1157 votes Template:Poll
What is fishing? 845 votes Template:Poll
Total Votes: 3555



Homer buys a lobster at the grocery store to fatten up for dinner, but grows fond of the lobster and turns it into a pet, giving it the name Mr. Pinchy. Homer ends up accidentally boiling it during a hot bath, but you can get a permanent Pinchy pet with Magical Crawdad.[1]

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