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Image of Mudmug
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mudmug's Place, Halfhill, Gilded Fan, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Mudmug, whose real name unknown, is a somewhat crazy pandaren brewmaster who lives at Mudmug's Place in the Valley of the Four Winds. He got his nickname for the way he brews his beer — using muddy water, rather than fermentation from yeast.

After the player helps him to obtain muddy water for his brews and to deal with virmen infestation, he joins Chen Stormstout and Li Li on their journey to Halfhill and eventually to the Stormstout Brewery, eventually helping them get rid of the virmen, hozen and alementals that have been wreaking havoc at the brewery. At the conclusion of the mantid attack, Mudmug accompanies pandaren, night elves, and tauren in defense of Stoneplow.



  • Fine day.
  • Yello!
  • Mmm hmm?
  • Well hello, neighbor!
  • Oh, hi there.
  • I put my boot in ya!
  • Yup.
  • All right then.
  • See ya.
  • So long then.
Gossip text

Greetin's! And, ah... salutations, I suppose.

Sorry. Not quite sure what to say. I'm not used to havin' much in the way of company around here.

That is, not unless they're here to buy some o' my brew, of course.

Gossip So, you're a homebrewer?

Yup. Been brewin' beer since I could drink it.

Some folks say I'm wastin' my time, that I could just buy the beer that comes out o' that big ol' brewery down yonder, but... I dunno. There's somethin' right nice about brewin' your own mug of ale.

Gossip Is Mudmug your real name?

Aw, heck no. That's just how I make my beer.

Muddy water, you see... it's got little bugs in it, that ferment your ale for you. Some folks use real yeast, grown in a fancy brewery under controlled conditions and what have you. I use muddy water.

It's kind of my thing.

I guess I'm just not what you'd call "cultured".

Gossip Ha ha.




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