For the character's biography, see Mueh'zala.
Image of Mueh'zala
Gender Male
Race Loa
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Other Side
Status Defeatable

Mueh'zala is the last boss located in the Other Side.

Adventure Journal

Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night's Friend, Mueh'zala ushered the dead of Azeroth long before Bwonsamdi made his first deal. He knows a god should rule, not beg for servants and worshipers. The plans he laid in ancient times to reclaim that power are coming to fruition, once he deals with his rebellious replacement.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Memory of a Prism of Shadow and Fire]  [Memory of a Prism of Shadow and Fire] Memory
 [Memory of the Fatal Touch]  [Memory of the Fatal Touch] Memory
 [Memory of the Great Sundering]  [Memory of the Great Sundering] Memory
 [Eradicating Blow] Eradicating Blow#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Floral Recycling] Floral Recycling#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Heavy Rainfall] Heavy Rainfall#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Inner Fury] Inner Fury#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Mind Devourer] Mind Devourer#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Resolute Defender] Resolute Defender#Heroic Endurance Conduit
 [Rolling Agony] Rolling Agony#Heroic Potency Conduit
 [Harness of Twisted Whims] Harness of Twisted Whims#Heroic Mail Chest
Reality-Shattering Vambraces Reality-Shattering Vambraces#Heroic Plate Wrist
 [Mueh'zala's Hexthread Sarong] Mueh'zala's Hexthread Sarong#Heroic Cloth Legs
 [Primeval Soul's Ankleguards] Primeval Soul's Ankleguards#Heroic Leather Feet
 [Death God's Signet] Death God's Signet#Heroic Ring
 [Shadowgrasp Totem] Shadowgrasp Totem#Heroic Trinket


Mueh'zala yells: Dis be de end of Bwomsamdi, and da end of you!
Cosmic Artifice
Mueh'zala yells: Darkness be mine ta command!
Master of Death (left)
Mueh'zala yells: So small, so weak!
Master of Death (melee)
Mueh'zala yells: Ya life be mine!
Master of Death (right)
Mueh'zala yells: Da shadows take ya!

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