This is a questing guide detailing the best way to obtain and complete quests in Mulgore.

For a list of all Mulgore quests in table format (arranged by level), see Mulgore quests.


  1. Speed level of the Tauren. Performed using a hunter.
  2. Accept, complete, and turn in "The Hunt Begins."
  3. Accept "Etched Note" and "The Hunt Continues." Run into the chief's tent and accept "A Humble Task."
  4. Turn in "Etched Note" and get your training.
  5. Turn in "A Humble Task" Accept it again. Grab a water jug and run back to the camp.
  6. Turn in "A Humble Task." Accept "Rites of the Earthmother."
  7. Go south and do "The Hunt Continues."
  8. When it is complete, turn in "Rites of the Earthmother" Accept "Rite of Strength"
  9. Run back and turn in "The Hunt Continues" Accept "The Battleboars"
  10. Accept "Break Sharptusk!"
  11. Empty your inventory as much as possible and get ready for a long quest...
  12. Go east and do "The Battleboars", "Rite of Strength", and "Break Sharptusk!"
  13. Hearthstone
  14. Turn in "The Battleboars", "Break Sharptusk!" and "Rite of Strength" Accept "Rites of the Earthmother" pt2.
  15. Run down the road and accept "A Task Unfinished"
  16. Grind your way to Bloodhoof Village. You should be level 6 by the time you arrive.
  17. Turn in "Rites of the Earthmother." Accept "Sharing the Land", "Rite of Vision", and "Dwarven Digging."
  18. Go to the inn and turn in "A Task Unfinished" Make Bloodhoof Village your home.
  19. Also accept "Dangers of the Windfury", "Swoop Hunting", "Mazzranache", and "Poison Water."
  20. Turn in "Rite of Vision" and accept it again.
  21. Go do "Sharing the Land" along with "Poison Water." Try to kill any swoops you see for "Swoop hunting."
  22. You will be collecting the items for "Mazzranache" as you do other quests.
  23. Try to pick up some acorns for the "Rite of Vision."
  24. Turn in "Sharing the Land" and "Poison Water." Accept "Winterhoof Cleansing."
  25. Go do "Winterhoof Cleansing" and finish "Rite of Vision" by picking up two well stones.
  26. Turn in "Winterhoof Cleansing." Accept "Thunderhorn Totem."
  27. Turn in "Rite of Vision."
  28. Accept "Rite of Vision" again.
  29. Take a drink at the fire, and follow the plains vision. Or, if you don't want to follow the plains vision just turn in the quest at cordinates 34.36.
  30. There are two elites that occasionally patrol the area you will be crossing to turn in "Rite of Vision." Avoid them.
  31. Once you have turned in "Rite of Vision." Accept "Rite of Wisdom."
  32. Leave the cave and go south. Do "Thunderhorn Totem" and "Dwarven Digging." Finish off "Swoop Hunting" as well.
  33. Get the remaining items for "Mazzranache."
  34. Turn in all quests at Bloodhoof Village.
  35. If you couldn't get to a forge to break the digging tools, just save them for now.
  36. Accept "Thunderhorn Cleansing." Do it and turn it in. Accept "Wildmane Totem."
  37. Go east and accept "The Ravaged Caravan." Go north, complete it, and turn it in. Accept "The Venture Co" and "Supervisor Fizsprocket."
  38. Go east, almost to Barrens, and complete "Dangers of the Windfury." Kill Prairie Wolf Alphas for "Wildmane Totem."
  39. You should be level 10 by now. Return to Bloodhoof Village and turn in "Wildmane Totem." Accept "Wildmane Cleansing."
  40. Accept "The Hunter's Path." Tame the adult plainstrider and the swoop north of Bloodhoof Village. Go east for the prairie wolf.
  41. When this is complete, tame a Prarie Wolf Alpha for Bite rank 2. This will be your primary pet (ignore instruction to tame Savannah Huntress later.)
  42. ...unless you are lucky and find The Rake, at some point, in which case abandon your pet without hesitation and tame The Rake.
  43. (if you tame The Rake ignore any instruction to change your primary pet to Savannah Huntress or Stranglethorn Tiger)
  44. Accept "Taming the Beast."
  45. Accept "The Hunter's Way." (this is not a hunter quest)
  46. Go to Thunder Bluff and accept "Preparation for Ceremony" when you arrive.
  47. Turn in "Taming the Beast" at the trainer.
  48. Go north of Thunder Bluff and complete "The Hunter's Way."
  49. Go east to the Red Rocks and accept "A Sacred Burial." Then go do "A Sacred Burial" along with "Rite of Wisdom."
  50. Turn in "A Sacred Burial." Go kill the harpies north of Red Rocks for "Preparation for Ceremony."
  51. If you run out of harpies, grind to the other side of Thunder Bluff and kill the harpies there.
  52. Go back into Thunder Bluff, turn in "Preparation for Ceremony."
  53. Turn in "The Hunter's Way" and accept "Segra Darkthorn."
  54. Turn in "Rite of Wisdom" to Cairne Bloodhoof. Accept "Rites of the Earthmother."
  55. Leave Thunder Bluff and keep an eye out for the following creatures:
    1. Mazzranache; if you kill him get the item and accept the quest.
    2. Ghost Howl; if you kill him get the item and accept the quest.
    3. Arra'chea: Kill Arra'chea for the quest "Rites of the Earthmother."
    4. When Arra'chea is dead, return to Thunder Bluff and turn it in. Accept followup quest.
  56. Also, go to the archdruid on elder rise and accept "The Barrens Oases."
  57. Hearthstone to Bloodhoof Village.
  58. Turn in all quests.
  59. Run to the Venture Co. cave and kill Supervisor Fizsprocket.
  60. Go to the tauren on the road and turn in "The Venture Co" and "Supervisor Fizsprocket."
  61. Run to Barrens. Get flight path at Camp Taurajo.
  62. Turn in the quest, accept "To the Crossroads."
  63. Run to Crossroads. Turn in all quests, and get the flight path.
  64. Run to Orgrimmar to get Bow Training.
  65. After getting weapon training in Orgrimmar, fly back to Crossroads and continue from there.