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{{For|lore|Murloc huntsman}}
{{For|lore|Murloc huntsman}}
{{For|the Warcraft III creep|Murloc Huntsman}}
{{For|the Warcraft III creep|Murloc Huntsman}}
{{WC3UnitBox|image = BTNMurlocFleshEater.png|image2 = murlocflesheater.gif|faction = Neutral|hp = 300|hpregentype = Always|hpregenrate = 0.50
|level = 3
|produced=Murloc Hut
|sleeps =
|attack1 = 16-22 (19 avg)|unittargets1 = Ground|range = 30|attacktype1 = Normal|cooldown = 1.35
|weapontype = MBounce|armortype = Medium|armor = 2|speed = 270|name = Murloc Huntsman}}
{{Warcraft III}}
{{Warcraft III}}
[[Image:MurlocHuntsman.jpg|thumb|Murloc Huntsman]]
'''Murloc Huntsmen''' are heavy-ranged ground units of the [[murloc]] forces in the Frozen Throne campaign called [[Exodus of the Horde]]. They are produced at the [[Murloc Hut]].
'''Murloc Huntsmen''' are ranged ground units of the [[murloc]] forces in the [[Warcraft III Demo]]] campaign called [[Exodus of the Horde]]. They are produced at the [[Murloc Hut]].
==Spells and abilities==
* 300 HP
{{Creep Ensnare}}
* 16-22 normal ranged damage with a Huntress' glaive.
* 2 medium armor
* can use ensnare like an Orc Raider.
Image:MurlocHuntsman.jpg|thumb|Murloc Huntsman
*See also: [[murloc]]
*See also: [[murloc]]

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For lore, see Murloc huntsman.
For the Warcraft III creep, see Murloc Huntsman.
Murloc Huntsman
Faction Neutral
Hit points 300
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 0.50 HP/sec.
Level 3
Produced at Murloc Hut
Normal attack 16-22 (19 avg)
Can attack Ground
Range 30
Attack type Normal
Cooldown 1.35 sec.
Weapon type MBounce
Armor Type Medium
Armor 2
Movement Speed 270
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Murloc Huntsmen are ranged ground units of the murloc forces in the Warcraft III Demo] campaign called Exodus of the Horde. They are produced at the Murloc Hut.

Spells and abilities


Causes a target enemy unit to be bound to the ground so that it cannot move for 10 seconds.
Air units that are ensnared can be attacked as though they were land units.
Duration Cooldown Targets Allowed
10 sec. 10 sec. Air, Ground, Non-Hero