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Image of Mushlump
Race Flesh beast (Undead)
Level 37 - 62 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Razorfen Downs
Status Killable

Mushlump is a flesh beast in Razorfen Downs.

Adventure Guide

A recent creation of Death Speaker Blackthorn, Mushlump is a grotesque collection of parts collected from other failed creations. Full of bile, pus, and other noxious humors, Mushlump contaminates the halls leading to Death Speaker Blackthorn.


  • Ability warrior bloodsurge.png  Smackdown — Inflicts Physical damage to the current target every 1 sec. for 3 sec.
  • Ability creature poison 02.png  Tummy Ache Important — Inflicts 1121 to 1179 Nature damage to all enemies in a cone 40 yards long.
  • Spell nature removedisease.png  Putrid Funk — Mushlump vomits up a cloud of bile. Enemies within the area are infected with disease inflicting 275 Nature damage every 3 sec.


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Objective of


Inv axe 23.png [Glutton's Cleaver] Inv shoulder 28.png [Fleshhide Shoulders]
Inv jewelry ring 09.png [Grungy Necromantic Ring]


Mushlump play with squishy-squishy!
You give Mushlump owie...

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