• Music Roll: The Burning Legion
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Add "The Burning Legion" to your Garrison's jukebox.
  • Requires Level 90

Illidan Stormrage

Up for a journey into the Black Temple? You still won't be prepared for the hard hitting bass of the track you'll find.

Music Roll: The Burning Legion drops from Illidan Stormrage in the Black Temple. As with all music rolls, players must have completed B [40] Bringing the Bass before being able to acquire this roll. Like other music roll boss drops, the drop chance is not 100%.

To get to Illidan, all other bosses in the instance must be killed.

"The Burning Legion" was the main theme of the Burning Crusade expansion and served as the game's login music for that period.

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