AllianceMutual Aid
Start Elder Brownpaw
End Elder Brownpaw
Level 5-30
Category Darkshore
Experience 1050
Rewards  [Scorched Shield] or  [Singed Boots]
Shareable Yes
Previous A [5-30] The Land Is in Their Blood
Next A [5-30] Soothing the Elements


Use the Soothing Totem to absorb the remains of 8 Unbound Fire Elementals.


With most of our brethren losing their way to madness or corruption, it would seem that we have little choice but to ally with you, <race>. You can count on our aid... once you've proven we can count on yours.

As you can see, my people are having a bit of a problem with the fire elementals. Help fight them and use this totem on their fiery remains.

We will return them to where they belong... whether they like it or not.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will also receive: 7s


Is it done yet, <name>?


The element of fire is unique in that attacking it indiscriminately can often lead it to spreading further... succeeding only in agitating its flames.

We are wiser than that, <name>. We are going to dispose of it properly.


  1. A [5-30] Malfurion's Return (optional breadcrumb)
  2. Complete all of the following:
    • The furbolg quest chain:
    1. A [5-30] The Land Is in Their Blood
    2. A [5-30] Mutual Aid
    3. A [5-30] Soothing the Elements
    4. A [5-30] The Blackwood Pledge
    • The Ameth'Aran quest chain:
    1. A [5-30] Protector of Ameth'Aran
    2. A [5-30] Calming the Earth
    3. A [5-30] Sworn to Protect
    • The wildkin quest chain:
    1. A [5-30] The Last Wildkin
    2. A [5-30] Aroom's Farewell
    3. A [5-30] Elune's Fire
    4. A [5-30] The Wildkin's Oath
  3. A [5-30] The Emerald Dream
  4. A [5-30] The Waking Nightmare
  5. A [5-30] Leaving the Dream
  6. A [5-30] The Eye of All Storms

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