NeutralMy Garona
Start Garona Halforcen [67.5, 6.6]
End Garona Halforcen [67.5, 6.6]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Legendary
Rewards Follower: Garona Halforcen
Previous N [100] An Inside Job


<Class>, I know that I have done little to earn your trust. Until you freed me, my life was not my own.

Your tenacity, and the wisdom of your Archmage, have finally set me free. You had faith in me when I had no faith in myself. You have given me back my life, and now I freely pledge it to you. I will serve you here on Draenor until my dying day.

Point me at your enemies, and I will deliver unto them a swift and silent end... Commander.

On completion:

Garona Halforcen says: I will do whatever it takes to stop Gul'dan. Wherever you lead, I will follow... commander.


You will gain the follower: Garona Halforcen


  1. N [100] Call of the Archmage
  2. N [100D] Spires of the Betrayer
  3. N [100] Khadgar's Task
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [100D] Tackling Teron'gor
  6. N [100] Eyes of the Archmage
  7. N [100] Fugitive Dragon
  8. N [100] The Dragon's Tale
  9. N [100] Tarnished Bronze
  10. N [100] Power Unleashed
  11. Complete both:
  12. N [100] The Scrying Game
  13. N [100] Hunter: Hunted
  14. N [100] Touch of the Kirin-Tor
  15. Complete all of:
  16. Complete both:
  17. N [100] Prisoner of the Mind
  18. N [100] Orb of Dominion
  19. N [100] Breaking Badness
  20. N [100] To Gul'dan!
  21. N [100] An Inside Job
  22. N [100] The Final Assault
    • N [100] My Garona
  23. Complete all of:
  24. A [100] Light Be With You / H [100] Draenor's Blessing
  25. N [100R] Darkness Incarnate


The name of this quest is a reference to the song My Sharona by The Knack.

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