HordeMy Last Day Alive
Start First Mate Jamboya
End First Mate Jamboya
Level 35-50
Category Vol'dun
Experience 16,450 (at level 110)
Reputation +75 Voldunai
Rewards 19g 40s (at level 110)
Previous H [35-50] Overdue Mutiny
Next H [35-50] The Grinning Idols & H [35-50] Maroon 'em with Fire


Use First Mate Jamboya's Medallion to witness visions of his past.


De curse came one fateful day, in ages past, when de sethrak attacked. Dere was no end to dem.

In our desperation, I helped Pirate-King Zem'lan do de unthinkable.

We became monsters. Even worse, we became eternal slaves to Zem'lan.

De curse weighs heavy on me, but my guilt is heavier. I led me crew into dis.

Before we confront de Pirate-King himself, you need to understand what we be up against.

You need to see what happened de day dat de Port of Zem'lan fell.


You will receive:


I'm not proud of what I did, but you need to know what we be facin' ahead.


Now you know how desperate we were on dat day, <name>.

I don't be making excuses, but you should understand why we did what we did.


Pick up H [35-50] The Yard Arm of the Law before heading out.

Head into the building at [36, 78] and use  [First Mate Jamboya's Medallion] to witness the throne room memory.

A Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan is standing with his back toward the door, reading a book. A Vision of First Mate Jamboya runs into the room and kneels before Zem'lan, who turns around to face the first mate.
Vision of First Mate Jamboya says: Captain Zem'lan, de sethrak army be approachin'! Too many to count!
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: Then dey be as stupid as da rest of 'em. Dis be da Port of Zem'lan! MY port!
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan yells: No one be takin' it from me. Ever!
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: Rally da crew. I want every drunken freebooter at da front gate.
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: No retreat! Dey die to da sethrak, or dey die to me.
The memory ends.

Head to the northern outskirts of the post,[36, 75.2] where the corpses of Souldrained Invaders and Souldrained Defenders litter the ground. Use the medallion to witness the battlefield memory.

Visions of Basher Nujia, Druga, Tayusha, Witchdoctor Unnraz, and Witchdoctor Zuwei are defending against waves of Faithless Invaders while a Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan watches. A Vision of First Mate Jamboya appears and kneels before Zem'lan.
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan yells: Cut dem snakes to da ground! No quarter!
Vision of First Mate Jamboya says: Dere be too many, captain! We gotta retreat or de whole crew gonna be killed.
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan yells: Curse da sand! Curse da snakes! Da Port of Zem'lan be MINE!
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: Get da idols and round up da crew.
Vision of First Mate Jamboya says: I-I-I... There must be another way, Captain. De crew...
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: Don't be questionin' me! Get everyone to da altar. Now!
Vision of Pirate-King Zem'lan says: Da sethrak not be takin' our home from us. Not today. Not ever.
The memory ends.

Head back to Jamboya on the southern dock to turn in.


  1. H [35-50] Camp Lastwind
  2. H [35-50] Lost in Zem'lan
  3. H [35-50] The Day the Port Fell
  4. H [35-50] Overdue Mutiny
  5. H [35-50] The Yard Arm of the Law & H [35-50] My Last Day Alive
  6. H [35-50] The Grinning Idols & H [35-50] Maroon 'em with Fire
  7. H [35-50] The Golden Isle
  8. H [35-50] Our Share of the Plunder & H [35-50] The First Time I Died
  9. H [35-50] This Be Mutiny
  10. H [35-50] Escaping Zem'lan

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