AllianceMy Son, the Prince
Start King Varian Wrynn [85.8, 31.7]
End King Varian Wrynn [85.8, 31.7]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Stormwind City
Experience 5520
Reputation +10 Stormwind
Shareable Yes
Previous A [30-35] Hero's Call: Twilight Highlands!
Next A [84] Rallying the Fleet, A [84] Twilight Investigation


Introduce yourself to Prince Anduin in Stormwind Keep. Speak with King Wrynn once you are both acquainted.

  • Introduced to Anduin


Great burdens have been placed on my son's shoulders in his short lifetime, and I fear his responsibilities are only going to grow.

He will never learn leadership confined to the keep, but I am loathe to send him forth without escort.

<Name>, your deeds in the wake of this cataclysm are already legendary. You would be an excellent mentor for young Prince Anduin.

Please, introduce yourself to him. There is some pressing city business that you both can attend to for me.


How are you two getting along? Anduin is a quick study; show him the ways of a master <class>!

Are the two of you ready?


Excellent, Anduin will learn a lot by shadowing you.

Remember, stay within the city's borders. Keep him out of trouble. And above all else, guard him with your life.

<King Wrynn turns his attention to his son.>

Anduin, no adventures! Stay close to <name> and return to the keep should you see any trouble.


Anduin is right next to the King.

<Anduin sizes you up.>
<Name>, is it? A few of your triumphs have been the talk of the court.
What was it like to serve in Northrend? Have you seen the World Tree? Are the stories about Vashj'ir true? I have so many questions!
Gossip Come with me, your highness.

If Anduin despawns for whatever reason, you can go back to the keep to have him follow you again:

There you are, <name>! I thought you'd forgotten about me.

Anduin is now following the player around. Players are buffed with Escorting the Prince: "Accompany the Prince of Stormwind. Guard him with your life!" He says something based upon the player's class:

  • <Name>, I remember when you first came to see my father after the battle for Ebon Hold. I'm glad you're still with us.
  • I've always wondered what it would be like to be a druid. Where do your clothes go when you change into a bear?
  • So you're a hunter? My father has taught me to be pretty handy with a bow, myself.
  • You're a mage, like Jaina Proudmoore? How long have you studied the arcane? It seems so difficult to master.
  • You're a paladin? Highlord Fordragon was, as well. He taught me a great deal. I... I still miss him.
  • I'm training to be a priest, myself. One day I hope I can command as much power as you.
  • This is great, I never get to talk to Stormwind's rogues. They're always so quiet and secretive...
  • What's it like to be a shaman? I met Thrall once. My father doesn't trust him but he seemed very wise.
  • Being a powerful warlock must be hard. Do you ever worry you'll lose control of one of your demons?
  • You're one of the fiercest-looking warriors I've ever seen, <name>!

He also has updated gossip text:

I was in Ironforge during the takeover - it was chaos.
No wonder father gets so protective when I leave the keep.

Talk to Varian again to continue. His gossip text has also been updated:

I trust you and my son are getting along? Anduin is anything but shy.

After completion, Varian has the following:

When Stormwind is secure, we will take this fight to the Highlands.


  1. A [30-35] Hero's Call: Twilight Highlands!
  2. A [84] My Son, the Prince
  3. Complete all of:
  4. Complete all of:
  5. A [84] Expert Opinion
  6. A [84] The Old Barracks
  7. A [84] Cataclysm in the Catacombs
  8. A [84] A Villain Unmasked
  9. A [30-35] Twilight Shores
  10. A [30-35] Twilight Shores

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