Mysterious Messages

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NeutralMysterious Messages
Start Professor Pallin
End Nicholo Swiftfuse [69.3, 40.6]
Level 104 (Requires 104)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,620
Rewards 17g
Previous N Inscription [102] The Burdens of Hunting
Next N Inscription [104] Runes Within the Ruins
N Inscription [104] Right Tool for the Job


Deliver the tablets to Nicholo Swiftfuse in Stormheim.


The woman at the archaeology shop just dropped off some tablets to be deciphered. Any fool can see they're written in ancient vrykul, but I lent my codex to one of my students, so I'm unable to decipher them here.

His name is Nicholo Swiftfuse, and he is in Stormheim. Let him know that if he fails to decipher them, his apprenticeship shall be terminated.

That is all.


You will receive: 17g


Seriously? Pallin wants me to do what now?!

That old bag of wind thinks he's so great, but he's always making me do all his work. It's a surprise I'm not running that shop.

But fine, I'll help you. As long as you help me too.



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