A Mysterious Trashpile.

Mysterious Trashpiles (referred to as Shrines of Scavengers by Jani)[1] are objects found in various locations throughout Zandalar. Approaching one will afflict the player with the "Disturbingly Divine Presence" debuff, informing them that "A strong presence is near". Interacting with a Trashpile will transport the player to a redshifted version of the world where they can commune with Jani, the saurid loa, and receive or complete tasks for him. The player can return to the regular world by simply talking to Jani and asking him to release them.


Zone Location Notes
Vol'dun Southwest side of Shatterstone Harbor[36.2, 36.8] Jani ends A [35-50] Pests and offers A [35-50] Curse of Jani, prerequisite quests for  [Get Hek'd].
Turn in spot for the Alliance, A [30-50] I Am the Trashmaster.
Vol'dun Under a stone bridge on the northwest side of the Eternal Spring[49.4, 84.4] Turnin for  [Sturdy Redrock Jaw].
Vol'dun East side of the Bouldered Bluffs, just southwest of the Temple of Kimbul[56.2, 15.2] Turnin for  [Polished Ringhorn Hoof].
Vol'dun In an alcove on the south side of the Court of Zak'rajan[47, 46.6] Turnin for  [Charged Ranishu Antennae].
Vol'dun Northwest corner of the Scorched Sands Arena[42.2, 72] Jani offers N [30-50] Saurid Surprise.
Dazar'alor The Zocalo[35, 9] Jani ends H [10-50] Pests and offers H [10-50] Curse of Jani, prerequisite quests for  [Get Hek'd].
Turn in spot for the Horde, H [10-50] I Am the Trashmaster.
Dazar'alor Port of Zandalar[45, 93] Ends H [10-50] Garbage for the Garbage God and offers H [10-50] The Loa of Scavengers
Zuldazar The Slough[61, 46] Near Vukuba
Zuldazar The Sliver[58, 27] Next to a stolen Torcali shrine (only functional during H [50] The Direhorn and the Saurid)
Nazmir Primal Wetlands[34, 75] In the middle of the swamp. Jani asks for a  [Snapjaw Tail].
Nazmir Nazwatha[68.53, 32.84] Jani asks for a  [Nazwathan Relic]

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