NeutralMystery Goo
Start Deadwood Cauldron
End Donova Snowden
Level 56 (Requires 52)
Category Felwood
Experience 4350 EXP (or 26s 40c at level 70)
Previous N [15-30] Falling to Corruption
Next N [56] Toxic Horrors


Report back to Donova Snowden with your findings.


The greenish substance inside the cauldron appears to be similar to what you found in the flask. This strange gooey stuff could be as corrupted as the furbolg that created it...

If the Winterfall furbolg are using it, does this mean that they will soon be as corrupted as the Deadwood tribe?

It would be best to report back to Donova with your findings, along with a sample of the liquid in the cauldron.


I hope you found something, <name>. The Winterfall are becoming increasingly aggressive!


You are very resourceful, <name>. Do you think that the Winterfall furbolgs have been to the Deadwood camp?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. N [56] Winterfall Firewater
  2. N [56] Falling to Corruption
  3. N [56] Mystery Goo
  4. N [56] Toxic Horrors
  5. N [57] Winterfall Runners
  6. N [59] High Chief Winterfall
  7. N [59] The Final Piece
  8. N [59] Words of the High Chief

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