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BossN'Zoth the Corruptor
Image of N'Zoth the Corruptor
Title <the Corruptor>
Race Old God (Aberration)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ny'alotha, the Waking City

N'Zoth the Corruptor is the last boss of Ny'alotha, the Waking City.

Adventure Journal

From his titanforged prison deep beneath the waves, N'Zoth spent eons subtly spreading his influence across Azeroth. Now free from captivity, the Corruptor reveals his true form as he enacts his ultimate plan to make his vision of the Black Empire our new reality. If he is not stopped, all we have ever known will be remade in the image of his eternal madness.



N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Your minds remain closed. Come, mortals... glimpse the infinite truths.
Void gaze
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Stare into the Void!
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Gaze deep into shadow!
Shattered Ego
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Rrraaaaaaaaaah!
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: You know not what you do!
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: The Void beckons.
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: The way opens. Come, walk the path to power.
Corruption of Deathwing
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: With a whisper, the Earth Warder bent to my will.
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Who are you to resist me?
Deathwing yells: The Cataclysm is upon you! The World Pillar shatters before the might of Deathwing!
Treacherous Bargain
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Behold my betrayal... and yours.
Queen Azshara yells: We have a bargain, then. I will bring both fleets crashing to the ocean floor, and our champion will deliver the dagger to me.
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: And in turn, you will have the key required to free the Old God from his bonds... and leave him vulnerable.
Queen Azshara yells: You wound me, Warchief. After all, I am as dedicated to my master as you are to your subjects.
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: Indeed. Just be certain that once you have what you need, you dispose of your guests. Let none of the "heroes" escape.
Queen Azshara yells: I admire your ruthlessness, Windrunner. It seems our interests are aligned... at present.
Queen Azshara yells: Treacherous Banshee! Do you think I am blind to the darkness you seek to unleash?
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Only I can save this world. Yield... and serve!
Servant of N'Zoth
N'Zoth the Corruptor whispers: You have always been mine!
N'Zoth the Corruptor yells: Within the Sleeping City, you will slumber forevermore.

Notes and trivia

PTR adventure journal

Despite being imprisoned deep beneath the waves by the titan-forged, N'Zoth's influence continued to corrupt Azeroth. Now, for the first time in millenia[sic], the true form of N'Zoth the Corruptor is revealed. Unless he is stopped, the Black Empire will plunge Azeroth into an eternity of darkness.

  • Some of the quotes bear similarity to other quotes.
    • "The way opens. Come, walk the path to power." bears similarity to Il'gynoth's "Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path.", Uu'nat's "We will find others to open the way!", Xal'atath's "Xal'atath says: Hear me, God of the Deep! I have brought you the Opener... the Bringer of Truths... the Torch That Lights the Way!" and the Unseen Presence in Nazjatar's "All paths open. All truths, revealed.".
    • "Only I can save this world. Yield... and serve!" bears similarity to the Void whispers Alleria Windrunner receives in the Windrunner: Three Sisters comic "Save the world and murder her." regarding Sylvanas.

Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Hotfix (2020-05-27): Fixed a bug that could cause Spike Tentacles to repeatedly target a player with multiple casts of Spell shadow painspike.png  Pain Spike in succession rather than randomizing targets
  • Battle for Azeroth Hotfix (2020-05-01): Fixed an issue where Basher, Corruptor and Spike Tentacles could get stuck under the ground if they are stunned when Psychus is slain in Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties.
  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3.0 (2020-01-14): Added.

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