An NPC (Non-Player Character) is any character you encounter and interact with in World of Warcraft that is not controlled by other human players — they are generated and controlled by the game server. NPCs are either NeutralNeutral or affiliated with a particular faction (Alliance Alliance or Horde Horde).[1] You cannot attack NPCs of your faction and you must be "at war" (set in Reputation tab of your character sheet) with a neutral NPC's faction to attack them.[1]

Typical examples of NPCs include flight masters, innkeepers, quest givers, vendors, trainers, and guards.

Neutral or Friendly NPCs may have a bag (Npc bag on 16x16.png, if a vendor) or talk bubble (Gossipgossipicon.png, if you can talk to them) cursor when you mouse-over them. Some vendors require you to talk to them first.

Pointers for buying or selling:
Pointer bag on 32x32.png in range to buy/sell Pointer bag off 32x32.png out of range
Pointers for talking:
Pointer talk on 32x32.png in range to talk Pointer talk off 32x32.png out of range
Other types of NPCs (flight masters, innkeepers, quest givers, trainers, etc.) may have different pointer icons when you mouse over them.

Hostile NPCs are sometimes categorized with other creatures or monsters (aka "mobs").

Pointers for fighting:
Pointer sword on 32x32.png in range Pointer sword off 32x32.png out of range

They can be contrasted with Player Characters (PCs, or sometimes just "Players") and creatures.

Sometimes, the term is used to include all types of game-controlled entities, even non-sentient always-hostile mobs, in order to create a catchall term for non-player-controlled units.

Patch changes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-20): [Requires a realm restart.] Resolved an issue where damage-over-time effects applied by an NPC or creature that have despawned can deal an excessive amount of damage.


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