Many NPCs in World of Warcraft (ex. Guards, Vendors, Quest NPCs, etc.) will say things when they're clicked on. Here is a (currently uncompleted) list of NPC quotes.

Blood elf

  • Greeting
    • "Anaria shola." (Speak your business.)
    • "Bal'a dash, malanore." (Greetings, traveler.)
    • "We will persevere!"
    • "Our enemies will fall!"
    • "Victory lies ahead!"
    • "Anu belore dela'na." (The sun guides us.)
    • "What business have you?"
    • "Glory to the sin'dorei."
    • "Yes?"
    • "State your business."
    • "The eternal sun guides us."
    • "The dark times will pass."
    • "Farewell."
    • "We will have justice!"
    • "Death to all who oppose us!"
    • "The reckoning is at hand!"
    • "Selama ashal'anore!" (Justice for our people!)
    • "Remember the Sunwell."
    • "Stay the course."
    • "Time is of the essence."
    • "Shorel'aran." (Farewell.)
    • "Keep your wits about you."
    • "Hold your head high."
  • Vendor
    • "What do you seek?"
    • "Everything has a price."
    • "Your gold is welcome here."
    • "Do not loiter."
    • "I have one-of-a-kind items."
    • "Choose wisely."
    • "What do you seek?"
    • "Mind yourself."
    • "You waste my time."
    • "I had little patience to begin with!"
    • "Not very intelligent, are you?"
    • "Ah, you have a death wish."
    • "Why do you linger?"
    • "Run away, pest!"
    • "These are dark times indeed."
    • "I do not suffer fools easily."


  • Greeting
    • "Light. Must remember the Light."
    • "Hello, stranger."
    • "We survive."
    • "Must not... give up."
    • "What do you need, stranger?"
    • "Achal hecta." (Good day.)
    • "Live... another day."
    • "What?"
    • "You come back sometime."
    • "So long!"
    • "See you."
    • "Luck to you."
    • "Peace for you."
    • "Chroma, heckt corta."
    • "Go on then."
  • Vendor
    • "I can help you?"
    • "Something you like?"
    • "Anything you like?"
    • "Buy? Trade?"
    • "You find many things here!"
    • "Take time if you need."
    • "Good prices here!"
    • "What do you want?"
    • "Why you do this?"
    • "Ehhh..."
    • "Yes, yes! What?!"
    • "You go now!"
    • "You very strange..."


  • Greeting
    • "What is it?"
    • "We will not fall."
    • "Yes, outsider?"
    • "I greet you."
  • Dismiss
    • "Farewell."
    • "Take caution."
    • "We will endure."
    • "The Legion will pay."

Cursed arakkoa

  • Greeting
    • *croaking noises*
    • "Shadows gather."
    • "This curse has not broken me yet." *croaking noises*
    • "A dark wind is blowing."
    • "What are we without the sky?"
    • "Keep to the shadows!"
    • "The Talon King will guide us."
    • "Beware the burning sky."
    • bwark!
    • "Tread carefully."
  • Irritated
    • *agitated croaking noises*
    • *irritated croaking noises*
    • "Oh great, now I'm molting. Happy with yourself?"

Dark Iron dwarf

Note: Dark Iron NPCs added before Battle for Azeroth—as well as some added after—use the voices of regular dwarves.


  • Greeting
    • "Are ye here to lend a hand?"
    • "How can I help ye?"
    • "I'd rather be hammerin' than talkin'."
    • "I'm not much for small talk."
    • "Speak yer piece, if ye must."
    • "Spit it out, I got smeltin' to do!"
    • "Warm yerself by the forge."
    • "Don't burn yourself on the way out."
    • "Honest work is good for the soul."
    • "I prefer to stay underground."
    • "May the Black Anvil bless ye."
    • "The Dark Iron clan will forge a new future."
    • "Watch yer head in the tunnels!"
    • "Well, back to work."
    • "Have a look."
    • "I offer the mountain's finest."
    • "Top notch craftsmanship guaranteed."
  • Vendor dismiss
    • "May the depths bring ye wealth."
    • "No extra charge for the soot."
    • "Yer purchase will serve ye well."
    Note: These are shared by all Dark Iron voice sets, though some speak the lines in different orders.
    • "Unless the callus is on yer hands or at least as thick as yer skull, save yer breath!"
    • "Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire, there's a Dark Iron ready to whoop ye!"
    • "Blackrock Mountain is nae the only thing that's ready to erupt!"
    • "I got a scorched earth policy. Keep workin' my nerves and ye'll find yerself playin' the part of the earth!"


  • Greeting
    • "Here ta help? Grab a weapon and stand-to."
    • "I'd rather be fightin' than talkin'."
    • "I'm not much for small talk."
    • "Speak yer piece, if ye must."
    • "Spit it out! I'm on duty!"
    • "We protect what is ours."
    • "What can I do fer ye?"
  • Dismiss
    • "Be ready for whatever comes at ye."
    • "Don't strike till ye see the glow o' their eyes."
    • "No enemy's gettin' past me!"
    • "The Dark Iron clan will forge a new future."
    • "The deep places can be dangerous."
    • "The might of the anvil be with ye!"
    • "Watch yer step."

Alliance soldier

  • Greeting
    • "Greetings, ally!"
    • "Pleased to lend ye a hand!"
    • "The Dark Iron will fight for the cause!"
  • Dismiss
    • "Obey Queen Moira's commands."
    • "Proud ta serve the Alliance!"
    • "We stand with the Alliance!"


  • Greeting
    • "How can I help ye?"
    • "How deep are ye willin' to delve?"
    • "I answer to the voice o' the mountain!"
    • "Is there lava in yer veins?"
    • "Our might flows from the mountain!"
    • "Speak yer piece, if ye must."
    • "There's a fire in our hearts."
    • "Forge's glow watch over ye."
    • "I got matters that need tendin'."
    • "May the Black Anvil bless ye."
    • "The Dark Iron clan will forge a new future."
    • "The deep places hold boundless secrets."
    • "The mountain guides us home."
    • "Triflin' with fire will get ye burned."
  • Vendor
    • "Have a look."
    • "I offer wonders from the deep places."
    • "Ye've never seen goods like these before."
    Vendor dismiss
    • "An intriguin' find ye got there."
    • "Ye'll be back."
    • "Yer purchase will serve ye well."

Death knight

Note: Death knights do not have vendors that sound different, even if some may sell things. This role is held by their ghouls and geists.

  • Greeting
    • "We press on!"
    • "WHAT?!"
    • "Speak your peace!"
    • "I will listen... for now."
    • "Hmm?"
    • "Yes?"
    • "Get on with it."
    • "Our master's will, be done."
    • "You need something?"
    • "Suffer well."
    • "Ashes to Ashes."
    • "We will ravage this land!"
    • "We will have our revenge!"
    • "We are done here!"
    • "Leave me be!"
    • "Another time..."
    • "Tomorrow is another day."
    • "There's work to be done."
  • Irritated
    • "My torture continues!"
    • "There is no escape..."
    • "You'll find it difficult to speak, without a head."
    • "Just walk away..."
    • "You lost me at hello."

Demon hunter

  • Greeting
    • "I have sacrificed everything. What have you given?"
    • "We are all that stands between the Legion and annihilation."
    • "Azeroth must not fall."
    • "My life is dedicated to destroying the Burning Legion."
    • "Lord Illidan knows the way."
    • "Remember, nothing is more important than the Legion's destruction."
    • "Do not give in to the power of the Legion."
    • "Trust in Lord Illidan's plan."
    • "If we do not meet again... die well."
    • "Death to the Legion."
  • Irritated
    • "Did you just touch me?"
    • "I wouldn't if I were you."
    • "Normally I hunt demons but for you I'll make an exception."
    • "Do it again and your skull will be my whetstone."
    • "You're no demon, but I will put you in the ground just the same."
    • "I will feast on your soul!"


  • Greeting
    • "Blessings upon you."
    • "Archenon poros." (Good fortune.)
    • "Krona ki cristorr!" (The Legion will fall!)
    • "May the light embrace you."
    • "The Naaru have not forgotten us."
    • "Each day is a blessing."
    • "Good fortune!"
    • "Open your heart to the light."
    • "The Legion will fall."
    • "The Legion's end draws near."
    • "Warm wishes to you."
    • "May your days be long and your hardships few."
    • "Be well."
    • "Remember the lessons of the past."
    • "Do not lose faith."
    • "Dioniss aca." (Safe journey.)
    • "Be kind to those less fortunate."
    • "Favor the road traveled by few."
    • "Remain vigilant."
    • "Safe journey."
    • "Blessings upon your family."
    • "Good health, long life."
  • Vendor
    • "Welcome! Browse at your leisure."
    • "You wish to buy? Trade?"
    • "May you find what you seek."
    • "All prices here are reasonable."
    • "I hope you'll find something useful!"
    • "May I be of service?"
    • "Must remember... patience."
    • "You behave like a child!"
    • "You have other matters to attend to, yes?
    • "Who taught you to act like this?!"
    • "Do you require medication?"
    • "Does this amuse yourself?!"
    • "Even the patience of the draenei has its limits..."
    • "The Naaru frown on such behavior..."
    • "You are not normal."
    • "I believe you have someone calling you."

Draenor male

Note: Some of these draenei use the old quotes.

  • Greeting
    • "Ora teramos."
    • "Greetings."
    • "Welcome, welcome."
    • "Archenon poros."
    • "Come, speak with me."
    • "You bring news?"
  • Dismiss
    • "Dioniss aca."
    • "Safe journeys."
    • "Long life my friend."
    • "Be well."
    • "Come, come, browse my goods."

Draenor female

Note: Some of these draenei use the old quotes.

  • Greeting
    • "Belaya doros."
    • "Welcome friend."
    • "You are welcome here."
    • "How can I help?"
    • "I am listening."
    • "Have you any news?"
    • "Light's blessing to you."
    • "Let us speak."
  • Dismiss
    • "Dioniss aca."
    • "Please be careful friend."
    • "Always glad to help."
    • "Clear skies and safe journeys."
    • "Be brave, you are not alone."
    • "We will persevere."
    • "The strongest spirits will always triumph."
    • "Nalanora aca."
    • "Please browse my wares."

Refugee male

  • "Please help."
  • "These monsters must be stopped."
  • "What is this place?"

Refugee female

  • "What are they doing?"
  • "This is some kind of nightmare."
  • "Light protect us from this madness."


  • Greeting
    • "Krona ki cristorr."
    • "I serve the Light."
    • "Greetings, traveler."
    • "In darkest night, we still shine with hope."
    • "Our cause is just, our purpose noble."
  • Dismiss
    • "Dioniss aca."
    • "Light be with you."
    • "We shall see the Legion's end."
    • "Have faith in the light."
    • "Fight well, traveler."


Trivia: These are originally from WarCraft III.

  • "Hi!"
  • "Ah, the great outdoors!"
  • "Is there trouble?"
  • "What is nature's call?"


  • Greeting
    • "Hey there!"
    • "Ya got my attention."
    • "How are ya?"
    • "Talk to me."
    • "'Lo!"
    • "Well met."
    • "What's on your mind?"
    • "Great tae meet ya."
    • "What can I do fer ya?"
    • "Aye?"
    • "Interest ya'n a pint?"
    • "Welcome."
    • "Hello."
  • Dismiss
    • "Off with ye."
    • "Safe travels."
    • "Keep your feet on the ground."
    • "See ya soon."
    • "Watch yer back!"
    • "Be good!"
    • "What can I get for ya today?"
    • "I've the finest wares in the land!"
    • "Watch it!"
    • "You're not amusing."
    • "That's not funny."
    • "You're startin' to bother me."
    • "Think that's funny, do you?"


  • Greeting
    • "I am looking forward to our... negotiation."
    • "I foresee a mutually beneficial transaction."
    • "Welcome, welcome."
    • "Shall we get down to business?"
    • "How may I be of service?"
  • Irritated
    • "Yes, yes. You have my full attention."
    • "Please do not tug the wrappings."
    • "You flatter me, but I am here for business, not pleasure."


  • Greeting
    • "What do you require?"
    • "This had better be good."
    • "What is it?"
    • "Speak quickly."
    • "I'm listening."
    • "What do you ask of death?"
    • "We are Forsaken."
    • "I am Forsaken."
    • "What now?!"
    • "Hello?"
    • "And you are...?"
    • "Dark Lady watch over you."
    • "Victory for Sylvanas."
    • "Watch your back."
    • "Trust no one."
    • "Do not seek death."
    • "Goodbye."
    • "Our time will come."
    • "Beware, our enemies abound."
    • "Beware the living."
    • "Remember, patience... discipline."
    • "Embrace the shadow."
  • Vendor
    • "I have exactly what you need."
    • "Be quick about your business."
    • "Careful there."
    • "Do not tempt my wrath!"
    • "Master yourself!"
    • "I am not amused."
    • "Are you insane?!"
    • "I grow weary with this."
    • "I'm starting to hate you."


Note: Ghouls (and geists) serve as the death knights' vendors. Minions also have these voice clips, even if they are not selling anything.


  • "Me buy and trade."
  • "Give or... take."
  • "Me like... shiny."
  • "Sale here."
  • "Yes?"


  • "Graagh!"
  • "Gyaah!"
  • "Greh!"
  • "Grah!"


  • Greeting
    • "Hey."
    • "Greetings!"
    • "Salutations!"
    • "Honored, I'm sure."
    • "Good day to you."
    • "My, you're a tall one!"
    • "Hmmm, interesting."
    • "Pleased to meet you!"
    • "Can I help you?"
    • "Very good."
    • "Need assistance?"
    • "You have a great day now."
    • "Very good."
    • "Very well then."
    • "Off and away."
    • "Be seeing you."
    • "Daylight's burning."
    • "Right."
    • "Alrighty, then!"
  • Vendor
    • "Would you like to purchase something?"
    • "Making a special purchase?"
    • "Was there something else?"
    • "Sorry, I wasn't listening."
    • "Yes, you're totally annoying."
    • "Blah blah blah."
    • "Blah, blah blah blah blah. Are you through?"
    • "Time to move on!"
    • "I'm not listening!"

Goblin (new)

  • Greeting
    • "Hey, how ya doin'?"
    • "Welcome, friend."
    • "Hmm, interesting."
    • "Time is money, friend."
    • "Yeah, what do ya want?"
    • "Wazzup?"
    • "Well? Spit it out!"
    • "Yo."
    • "Heya."
    • "Talk to me!"
    • "What's shakin'?"
    • "What's the word on the street?"
    • "Yeah, yeah."
    • "What's up?"
    • "I seen you around here before?"
    • "What?!"
    • "Don't waste my time!"
    • "Make sense!"
    • "Go, go!"
    • "Quickly, quickly!"
    • "G.T.L., friend: Gambling, Tinkering, Laundry!"
    • "You lookin' at me?"
    • "Big shot, huh?"
    • "I ain't gettin' paid to chat."
    • "It's my way or the highway."
    • "Can I help you with somethin'?"
    • "No loiterin'... whatever that means."
    • "Smartmouth, eh?"
    • "I get no respect around here."
    • "Hurry back."
    • "Be good!"
    • "Have a good one!"
    • "Pleasure doin' business with ya."
    • "Glad I could help."
    • "If you ever need anything..."
    • "Keep it real!"
    • "Be careful out there!"
    • "See you 'round, friend."
    • "Keep your ear to the ground."
    • "Catch you on the flipside."
    • "Go get 'em, champ."
    • "Don't be a stranger."
    • "Move it!"
    • "On your way."
    • "Hit the road!"
    • "Go, go!"
    • "Stay strong."
    • "Yeesh, talk my head off why don't ya?"
    • "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."
    • "Don't try anything stupid."
    • "I got your back."
    • "Security, enforcement, extortion... we do it all!"
    • "You ever need anything, you know where to find me."
    • "Don't get on Gallywix's bad side."
    • "Get lost, will ya?"
    • "This gig ain't so bad."
  • Vendor
    • "I got what you need."
    • "Got the best deals anywhere!"
    • "Do I have a deal for you!"
    • "Ah, potential customer..."
    • "Can I show ya my wares?"
    • "Cha-ching!"
    • "I ain't got it, you don't want it."
    • "I know a buyer when I see one."
    • "This stuff sells itself."
    • "You break it, you buy it."
    • "Can I lighten that coinpurse for ya?"
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Goblin products are built to blast."
    • "Come back any time."
    • "You drive a hard bargain."
    • "That's it? I got mouths to feed, pal!"
    • "Hey, can I interest you in a payment plan?"
    • "The pleasure was all mine."
    • "Hey, got a new shipment comin' in soon."
    • "New shipment's comin' in soon."
    • "Yeah, very funny."
    • "I don't have time for this."
    • "Shut it!"
    • "Will you knock it off?"
    • "All right, move along now."
    • "You're just embarrassing yourself."
    • "I got a long day, kid."
    • "Amateur."
    • "Ticklin' costs extra, bub!"
    • "Yeah, I get it, you can poke things."
    • "What part of 'time is money' don't you understand?"
    • "Not the face!"
    • "You're doin' it wrong."
    • "I'm not gettin' paid enough for this."
    • "Buy somethin' or leave."

Goblin (old)

  • Male

    • "Time is money, friend!"
    • "Wazzup?"
    • "Do I have a deal for you."
    • "Talk to me."
    • "Yo!"
    • "Hey, how you doin'?"
    • "Hmm, interesting."
    • "Ah, potential customer."
    • "Yeah, what do you want?"
    • "Keep it real!"
    • "Have a good one."
    • "Hurry back."
    • "Glad I can help."
    • "Heh, heh, glad I could help!"
    • "Pleasure doing business with ya."
    • "Be good!"
  • Vendor
    • "I got the best deals anywhere!"
    • "I got what you need!"
    • "Yeah, very funny."
    • "I don't have time for this."
    • "Argh! I don't have time for this."
    • "I gotta long day kid..."
    • "Alright, move along now!"
    • "Buy something or leave!"
    • "Would you knock it off!"
    • "Amateur!"


  • Greeting
    • "Time is money, friend!"
    • "Well? Spit it out!"
    • "I got the best deals anywhere!"
    • "I got what you need!"
    • "Ah, potential customer."
    • "May I show you my wares?"
    • "Welcome, friend!"
    • "Yeah, what do you want?"
    • "Wazzup?"
    • "Be good!"
    • "Be careful out there."
    • "Keep it real!"
    • "Have a good one."
    • "Hurry back."
    • "Glad I can help."
    • "Heh, heh, glad I could help!"
    • "Pleasure doing business with ya."
    • "Be good!"
  • Vendor
    • "I got the best deals anywhere!"
    • "I got what you need!"
    • "Shut it!"
    • "You're just embarrassing yourself..."
    • "I don't have time for this..."
    • "Would you knock it off!?"


  • Greeting
    • "Huh-hum, many greetings!"
    • "*slavers* Ah, greetings, friend of the Grummles!"
    • "What's your luckydo?"
    • "*sniffs* You smell of good fortune!"
    • "Oh-ho!"
    • "Ah... another wanderer!"
    • "Hmm, yeah *sniffs* smell this."
    • "What's your luckydo?"
    • "*sniffs* Ah, many greetings."
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* The nose knows!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* Have I got a luckydo for you!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* What's your luckydo?"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* I know fortune when I smell it!"
    • "*slavers* Ah, many farewells!"
    • "Farewell, friend of the Grummles!"
    • "Good fortune to our friends!"
    • "May your feet find good trails!"
    • "Beware of yeti!"
    • "Good fortune to all friends of the Grummles!"
    • "Farewell, friend of the Grummles!"
    • "*sniffs* May your feet find good trails!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* Good fortune, my friend!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* May your feet find good trails!
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* Many farewells!"
  • Vendor
    • "*sniffs* I have many, many wares!"
    • "*sniffs* Haha, many deals for a friend of the Grummles! Hehe - like you!"
    • "I have many luckydo's - you like?"
    • "Oh, I have just the thing... *sniffs* wanderer!"
    • "Munchies, crunchies, *sniffs* luckydo's and loot!"
    • "Come! Shop! Browse! *sniffs* Smell!"
    • "*sniffs* You seek your fortune? Come! Browse!"
    • "*sniffs* It's bad luck to look and not buy!"
    • "*sniffs* A luckydo would be wise to buy!"
    • "Never put a sleeping yeti [?] in hot water. Haha... very, very dangerous!"
    • "Hee, always clean a yak shoe three times before a long journey! Everyone knows that!"
    • "Ah, bad luck to keep poking Grummle, very, very bad luck!"
    • "*sniffs* You smell too good to be lucky!"
    • "I once smelled a luckydo so powerful... *sniffs* I woke up with a hangover!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* You seek the wisdom of a Grummle?!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* It is good fortune to give money to a Grummle!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* Ah! A foot rub! Also very good luck!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* Precious gems! Munchies! Crunchies! Guaranteed luck!"
    • "*sniffs thoroughly* In fact - just leave your pack here! Fate will smile on you! will I!"


  • Greeting
    • "Hu-hu-Wha-? Huh?"
    • "Hu-hu-Hey! Hu-hu-Hey!"
    • "Hu-hu-Hallooo! Hu-hu."
    • "Hoo-hoo-Hah! Hu-hu."
    • "Ook!"
    • "Hey-oh."
    • "What's dooking?"
    • "Ooh?"
    • "Yeeah?"
    • "Wha-?"
    • "Ook?"
    • "Uh-huh?"
    • "Hoo-hoo-Go now-Hoo-Go."
    • "Hu-hu-Bye bye!"
    • "Hoo-Ooka loo!"
    • "Hu-hu-Ook."
    • "Ha! Good one!"
    • "Off!"
    • "Jibbi"
    • "Ook."
    • "Ookin' wikket."
    • "Bring slickies next time."
    • "Funny-looking wikket."
    • "It. Is. On!"
  • Vendor
    • "Buy stuff!"
    • "Best. Nibs. Ever!"
    • "I got good stuff here!"
    • "*breathes hard* *incomprehensible* I'm-a gonna have to jibba-dooka! Hu-hu..."
    • "*incomprehensible* You dig-nibblin', big gob-sneepin', dook-makin' son of a bleekin' jeekin' hookah, prah!"
    • "You dook-makin', bleek-jeekin', ook-for-brains, slickie-stealing, nib-grubbing, dib-snibblin' face-jibber! ...also, you smell like jinyu."
    • "Agh... wikkets be trippin'."
    • "I got nuthin'."


  • Greeting
    • "Hello there."
    • "Greetings."
    • "Light be with you."
    • "What can I do for you?"
    • "Well met."
    • "Need help?"
    • "King's honor, friend."
    • "You need somethin'?"
    • "Can I help you?"
    • "How are you?"
    • "Hey there."
    • "Hello."
    • "Good day to you."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Be careful."
    • "Go with honor, friend."
    • "Safe travels!"
    • "For the Alliance."
    • "See you around."
    • "Light bless you."
    • "Have a good one."
  • Vendor
    • "I supply only the finest goods."
    • "What are you looking for?"
    • "What can I help you with?"
    • "I buy and trade."
    • "Looking for something specific?"
    • "Forget something?"
    • "What's your problem?"
    • "Knock it off..."
    • "Quit it."
    • "I'm kinda busy."
    • "You're getting on my nerves."


Trivia: These are originally from Warcraft III.

  • "What is it?"
  • "More work?"
  • "What?"
  • "D'oh!"

Lunarfall guards

  • "Orders, commander?"
  • "What are your orders?"
  • "Good to see you, commander."
  • "Commander?"
  • "All's quiet, commander."


  • Greeting
    • "Greetings."
    • "Which river led you here?"
    • "Do you hear the river's song?"
    • "Go with the waters."
    • "May your feet never dry."
    • "May the currents be strong."
    • "Farewell."
  • Irritated
    • "It is said: Never swim upstream, when downstream are the hozen."
    • "*sniffs* You smell fish?"


  • Greeting
    • "The waters foretold of this meeting."
    • "Water is life."
    • "Do you hear the river's song?"
    • "Listen to the river."
    • "The river speaks of your deeds."
    • "Do not be afraid to swim against the current."
    • "May your pools be ever full."
    • "Go with the waters."
    • "Farewell."
    • "The river goes where the river wills."
  • Irritated
    • "The pandaren are wise. The hozen... not so much."
    • "There is wisdom in the water. Other things too, but mostly wisdom."

Kul Tiran human

Note: "Heavy" refers to NPCs with the bulky Kul Tiran model. There is some overlap between the categories, with some bulky NPCs using the same lines as humans with the regular or thin models and vice versa. Heavy military and noble NPCs have unique voice sets but (unless otherwise noted by having their own specific section) use the same lines as their regular counterparts. (In addition, some heavy military NPCs use the greeting lines of heavy commoners.)


  • Greeting
    • Fancy a cuppa?
    • Good day to ya!
    • Lord Admiral's favor, friend.
    • What can I do fer ya?
    • Keep the wind in your sails.
    • Look always to the sea.
    • Safe passage to ya.
    • Smooth sailing.
    • Finest wares in Kul Tiras, right here!
    • Hello! Fancy some bits and bobs? (male) / So, fancy some bits and bobs? (female)
    • No bodged goods here, mate.
  • Vendor dismiss
    • Appreciate your patronage.
    • Stop by anytime.
    • Travel safely now.
    Note: These are shared by all "commoner" NPCs. The lines all reference a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • Did you just lob a scimitar at me?!
    • Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!
    • Help! Help! I'm being repressed!


  • Greeting
    • Don't get many travelers here.
    • Mainlander, eh?
    • You mind your business, and I'll mind mine.
  • Dismiss
    • Even rotten crops regrow.
    • May blight fall upon the coven!
    • This land is cursed.

Stormsong Valley

  • Greeting
    • Every hand helps.
    • Not from around here, are ya?
    • Times were simpler once.
  • Dismiss
    • Every path has a few puddles.
    • Seas grant you favor.
    • We will reclaim what's ours.

Tiragarde Sound

  • Greeting
    • City's dangerous nowadays.
    • Keeping warm, I hope.
    • Wind's howling today.
  • Dismiss
    Note: These lines only seem to work for female NPCs. Male NPCs use the "greeting" quotes as both greeting and dismiss.
    • Carry on strong.
    • Steer clear of dark alleys.
    • Stay warm.

Heavy commoner

  • Greeting
    • Ahoy.
    • Good day to ya.
    • Lord Admiral's favor, friend.
    • What can I do fer ya?
    • Keep the wind in your sails.
    • Look always to the sea.
    • Safe passage to ya.
    • Smooth sailing.
    • Finest wares in Kul Tiras, right here.
    • Let me show you what I've got.
    • You've got the coin? 'Cause I've got the bargains.
  • Vendor dismiss
    • Appreciate your patronage.
    • Stop by anytime.
    • Travel safely now.
    Note: These are shared by all heavy "commoner" NPCs.
    • I'm not sure I like the cut of your jib!
    • Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
    • Bit of a loose cannon, aren't ya?

Stormsong Valley

  • Greeting
    • Every hand helps.
    • Not from around here, are ya?
    • The times used to be simpler.
  • Dismiss
    • Every path has a few puddles.
    • Sea nourish you.
    • We will reclaim what's ours.


  • Greeting
    • Ahoy!
    • Daddy says I need my sea legs, but I've already got two legs!
    • Do you have scurvy?
    • Fish are weird.
    • I like tortollans!
    • Which side is starboard again?
    • Yarr! Do I sound like a pirate?
  • Dismiss
    • Anchors away!
    • Bye!
    • Stay warm!
    • Steer clear of sirens!
    • Winds be kind.


  • Greeting
    • Aye?
    • Clear for action.
    • Orders?
    • Under way.
    • Fair winds and following seas.
    • For Kul Tiras!
    • Gale sharp and anchor steady.
    • Keep a weather eye out.
  • Irritated
    Note: These are shared by all "military" NPCs. Males and females speak the lines in different orders. The below is the female order. The male version is the reverse.
    • Oi, you're just full of bilgewater, ain't ya?
    • I'm thinking this one don't have both oars in the water.
    • You ever seen the belly of a kraken? Keep that up and you might!


  • Greeting
    • Drustvar stands firm.
    • Friend or foe?
    • My blade is ready.
  • Dismiss


  • Greeting
    • Get crackin'.
    • Mind your tack.
    • Spit it out.
  • Dismiss
    • Don't get your ballast in a bind.
    • Storm's coming. I can feel it in the waters.
    • The tide waits for no man.

Stormsong Valley

  • Greeting
    • Stormsong will endure.
    • We will not falter.
    • You're a long way from home.
  • Dismiss
    • Keep your wits about ya out there.
    • Remember the storm's song.
    • We will make this valley whole again.

Tiragarde Sound

    • Proudmoore's finest, at your service.
    • Something to report?
    • Trouble afoot?
  • Dismiss
    • Always loyal.
    • Anchors away.
    • Keep your powder dry.


  • Greeting
    • Any rumors on the wind?
    • Charmed, I'm sure.
    • Pleased to make your acquaintance.
    • To what do I owe the pleasure?
    • Best of luck.
    • Keep calm and carry on.
    • See to your affairs.
    • Steady on ahead.
    • Browse at your leisure.
    • Come, let us parley.
    • Shall we talk business?
  • Vendor dismiss
    • Come back anytime.
    • Do check back for new stock, friend.
    • Exotic goods arriving daily.
    Note: These are shared by all "noble" NPCs.
    • Oh my, would you look at the time! Surely you were just leaving?
    • Do you hear that? I think someone's calling your name, just over there! It sounds very important!
    • Don't you have something—anything—more important to do?


    • Friend or foe?
    • Keep your distance, mainlander.
    • State your business.
  • Dismiss
    • Be wary of unfamiliar faces.
    • Dabble not in the affairs of witches.
    • Glory to House Waycrest.

Stormsong Valley

Note: Mainly used by Tidesages.

  • Greeting
    • I welcome those who honor the sea.
    • Tides welcome you.
    • We must overcome this peril.
  • Dismiss
    • Beware that which lurks in the depths.
    • May the sea carry you swiftly.
    • Stormsong will be pure once more.

Tiragarde Sound

  • Greeting
    • Dreadful state of affairs, isn't it?
    • I fear we shall never know peace.
    • What news from the mainland?
  • Dismiss
    • Fair winds and full sails.
    • The Proudmoores will protect us, as they always have.
    • Stay warm.

Heavy noble


  • Greeting
    • Browse at your leisure.
    • Here to parley?
    • Shall we talk business?
  • Dismiss
    • Come back anytime.
    • See you again soon.
    • Truly a pleasure.

Stormsong Valley

Note: Used by heavy Tidesages. Two of the lines reference paladin click quotes from Warcraft III.

  • I live to serve all who follow the sea.
  • I will face the peril.
  • Tides welcome you.


  • Any rumors on the wind?
  • Keep your distance, mainlander.
  • State your business.
  • Be wary of unfamiliar faces.
  • Dabble not in the affairs of witches.
  • Steady on ahead.

Same as "noble" NPCs.


  • Skeletons

    • Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
    • You new here?
    • Do I know you? Am I supposed to?
    • Got some meat on your bones, huh?
    • Looking for a fight?
    • And what have you done lately?
    • Need something? I've got glory to earn.
    Greeting (vendor)
    • Go ahead, take your pick.
    • Can't win without a good weapon.
    • Alright, lets deal.
    • See anything useful?
    • With victory comes renown!
    • Slay or be slain.
    • I'll remember you when I'm infamous.
    • This weapon isn't gonna swing itself!
    • Be memorable!
    • Stay sharp out there.
    • Watch yourself! Or I might replace you.
    Farewell (vendor)
    • You have the best. Now be the best.
    • Take good care of that. It'll likely outlast you.
    • That's gonna give you an edge.
    • Remember who supplied you.
    • There's a storm coming. I can feel it in my bones.


    • What are my orders?
    • Point met at my foe.
    • None can best me.
    • I thirst for combat.
    • Reporting for duty.
    • Give me something to fight.
    • Ready to strike.
    • How fare your battles?
    • Lets hear it.
    • At ease.
    • State your intent.
    • How fare your battles?
    • Speak up soldier.
    • Report.
    • Don't mince words.
    • Fight to win.
    • Only the strong survive.
    • All will know my name.
    • For the Chosen.
    • Bodies break. Glory is eternal.
    • The battlefield awaits.
    • May our enemies shatter.
    • It takes guts to get this far.
    • Fight well.
    • Dismissed.
    • Celebrate victory. Learn from defeat.
    • Back to your post.
    • You have your orders.
    • Glory is earned, not given.
    Greeting (Gladiator vendor)
    • You here for inspection?
    • My arsenal is yours.
    • All of these have been battle tested.
    • I keep everything well maintained.
    Farewell (Gladiator vendor)
    • Everything must be earned.
    • Accept nothing but victory.
    • Reach out, and claim your glory.
    • My goods will serve you well.
    • You have my sword, and my axe, and my mace. I have a lot of weapons.
    • War. It never changes.

    Necromancers and Scientists

    • The cycle has brought you to me.
    • You look oddly hale today.
    • How do you serve the Margrave?
    • You would make quite the suitable vessel.
    • Have you been keeping up with your rituals?
    • Ah, the sweet aroma of decay.
    • The air was once rich with anima, like it was dust.
    • Primus favor you.
    • For the Margrave, and Maldraxxus.
    • May your path keep you from the Maw.
    • Trust in the cycle.
    • The cycle continues.
    • With reanimation comes eternity.
    • To seek, to strive, to emerge victorious.
    • I will turn your bones into wind chimes!
  • Aranakk

    • One assassin is all it takes.
    • Here to sate your curiosity?
    • The right lie can win a war.
    • Whispers dance on the wind.
    • Tell me what you see.
    • What secrets do you hide?
    • I bear many poisons.
    • Go unseen.
    • Silence cloak you.
    • Keep your eyes open.
    • Seek the truth.
    • Siblings close. Enemies closer.
    • Watch everyone.
    • Listen to the whispers.
    • Silence is a weapon. One you clearly cannot wield.


    • This is hardly the time for idle conversation.
    • Must the rabble be so needy?
    • What can you do for me?
    • Why have you interrupted me?
    • Has your weapon found a target today?
    • Excellent! A new test subject.
    • The Margrave's benevolence upon you.
    • In service of the Margrave.
    • Victory, at any cost.
    • May your purpose be fulfilled.
    • May your anima be plentiful.
    • Until we are reanimated again.
    • The Bulwark shall never fall.
    • Be bold, and your enemies will falter.
    • You know, only one of us has a phylactery.


    Greeting (Leftovers)
    • Got a plan?
    • I'll lend you an ear.
    • What do you got to say?
    • How can I serve?
    • Who stitched you together?
    • I'd rather fight than talk.
    • We're all just meat for the wagon.
    Farewell (Leftovers)
    • Gonna show my greatness!
    • May your foes perish!
    • Die gloriously!
    • They'll pay for underestimating me.
    • Got my eye on you!
    • Victory for Maldraxxus!
    • Win at any cost!
    Irritated (Leftovers)
    Greeting (Abominations)
    • Here to trade war stories?
    • Hmph. You call those scars?
    • Speak up.
    • You have my attention.
    • Glory will be mine.
    • I'm ready for whatever comes.
    • Well then?
    • Conquer and thrive.
    • The battle never ends.
    • I'll be waiting.
    • If you can move, you can fight.
    • Crush your enemies.
    • Make every action count.
    • Your body is your weapon.
    Irritated (Abomination)
    • To the victor goes the spoils. Have you smelled Victor lately? Ugh, he's definitely spoiled.
    Greeting (Leftover vendor)
    • Open for business!
    • Looking for an upgrade?
    • I've got the good stuff.
    • Looking for spare parts?
    Farewell (Leftover vendor)
    • I always get my cut!
    • We both made a killing!
    • Put that to good use.
    • Lets do this again.
    Greeting (Abomination vendor)
    • I am feeling generous today.
    • You look like you could use some provisions.
    • You may browse through my refuse.
    • Here, I have no need of these.
    Farewell (Abomination vendor)
    • We earn everything we have.
    • Nothing is given freely.
    • Glory is greater than coin.
    • I would gladly purchase your spare parts.
    Irritated (Abomination vendor)
    • I take body building to a whole new level.


  • Greeting
    • "You are far from home."
    • "Speak."
    • "Yes, Wakener?"
    • *chirping noises*
    • "We are done."
    • "Preserve the cycle."
    • "The will of the Klaxxi is eternal."
    • *chirping noises*
  • Irritated
    • "You are not part of the cycle!"
    • "Now you're just being... mean!"
    • "You are not welcome here."
    • "No, I am not crying, my nasal cranial ducts are secreting excess mucus from my lacrimal sacs. It's perfectly normal!"
    • "Buy, sell!"
    • "You seek to trade?"
    • "Do you have something of value?"


  • Greeting
    • "How can I aid you, little one?"
    • "Let's make this quick."
    • "I wouldn't call what I do 'serving' the Illidari. It's more like... cooperation."
    • "What is it now?"
    • "I'm busy, but I can make time for you."
    • "Well, at least this place beats Outland... Any place beats Outland."
    • "Fight well, slay many demons, try not to die."
    • "Lord Illidan is the one true master of the Illidari."
    • "Is that all?"
    • "Zin-Azshari adore." (Possibly “The glory of Azshara be with you.”)
  • Irritated
    • "Are you fishing for compliments?"
    • "Don't be so shallow."
    • "You are not giving me a leg to stand on here."
    • "I think we need to scale back our relationship."
    • "How long would you say you can hold your breath? I'm just asking... for a friend."
    • "In the depths, no one can hear you scream... Well, they can, but it's really muffled."


  • Greeting
    • "Tanu'balah."
    • "Wisdom to Elisande."
    • "Greetings."
    • "Our destiny is at hand."
    • "We no longer hide."
    • "Nightwell nourish us."
    • "Ash'thoras danil."
    • "What is your wish?"
    • "We see the stars once more."
    • "May I help you?"
    • "Our destiny is upon us."
    • "We are the defenders of Suramar."
    • "Well met."
    • "The future is ours to forge."
    • "The shal'dorei stand strong."
    • "Farewell."
    • "We shall endure."
    • "Elisande guide you."
    • "Walk in the moonlight."
    • "May you ever walk in moonlight."
    • "We will make our place in this world."
    • "Stars guide you."
    • "Stay strong for Suramar."
    • "The shal'dorei will never be oppressed again."
    • "Together we are stronger."
  • Vendor
    • "My goods are exquisite."
    • "What is your pleasure?"
    • "Take a look, I sell all manner of wares."
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Do come again."
    • "Pleasure doing business."
    • "You will not find a better bargain"
    • "Suramar is still a shining jewel, in the rubble of the Sundering."
    • "We will explore the rest of the world and show them that we are still relevant."
    • "I bought it from the scout patrol; he called it a  [S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera]. Any idea what it is?"
    • "You look young enough to use that fancy thing. Will you make it work for me?"


  • Greeting
    • "Tanu'balah."
    • "What is your wish?"
    • "We will rebuild the world."
    • "We see the stars once more."
    • "The nightborne are eternal."
    • "Ash'thoras danil."
    • "Ishnal Toreth."
    • "You wish to speak?"
    • "Greeting."
    • "The shal'dorei are eternal."
    • "May I help you?"
  • Irritated
    • "All right, enough."
    • "Are you looking for trouble?"
    • "Because you're about to find some."
    • "That is it, see if I invite you to my promotion party."
    • "How about you go bug someone else for a while?"
    • "Look, I just wanna finish my shift, and usher in a new era for Azeroth."
    • "Can you let me do that? Will you let me do my ushering?"
    • "I should have taken that post in Azshara."


  • "Wow, you're tall."
  • "Do you want some magic juice? I'm full."
  • "Hi!"
  • "Sky is amazing."
  • "Wanna play with us? You have to be the bad guy though."
  • "I'm not in trouble, right?"
  • "I wanna play now."

Night elf

  • Greeting
    • "Elune be with you."
    • "Ishnu-alah." (Good fortune to you.)
    • "Elune light your path."
    • "I am listening."
    • "I am honored."
    • "What brings you here?"
    • "I am listening."
    • "Greetings."
    • "Peace be with you."
    • "Be careful."
    • "Elune guide your path."
    • "Goddess watch over you."
    • "Till the next we meet."
    • "May the stars guide you."
    • "Del-nadres."
    • "Asha-felna."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Go in peace."
    • "Good luck, friend."
    • "Goodbye."
  • Vendor
    • "Feel free to browse."
    • "My goods are of the highest quality."
    • "Weren't you leaving?"
    • "Have you nothing better to do?"
    • "Enough already."
    • "Begone!"
    • "Stop this nonsense."
    • "You won't like me when I'm angry."

Court of Farondis

Note: Actually only Nar'thalas Citizens, Nar'thalas Magisters and Bound Citizens use these quotes; all others either use regular night elf quotes or have no quotes, while Prince Farondis has unique quotes with most of the greetings being identical or similar to that of the aforementioned three NPCs.

  • Greeting
    • "We are cursed to spend eternity as ghosts."
    • "Yes?"
    • "We were betrayed by our prince."
    • "Azsuna was once beautiful, ten thousand years ago."
    • "Farondis should never have opposed Queen Azshara."
  • Irritated
    • "I'm a ghost, genius. You can't touch me."
    • "You can stop any time now."
    • "That really is getting annoying."
    • "I have all eternity to get my revenge."
    • "Boo! Hahaha."


Friendly ogres (Brewfest, Ogri'la, ect.) just makes a series of grunts when clicked on.


  • Greeting
    • "Speak."
    • "Speak friend."
    • "Zug-zug!"
    • "For the Horde!"
    • "Blood and thunder!"
    • "Strength and honor!"
    • "Lok-tar!"
    • "Thrall hall!"
    • "Mok-rah!"
    • "What do you need?"
    • "What can I help you with?"
    • "What do you need?"
    • "Greetings."
    • "Dabu."
    • "For the Horde!"
    • "Go forth to victory."
    • "Strength."
    • "Go with honor."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Victory."
    • "Be safe."
    • "May your blades never dull."
  • Vendor
    • "What are you looking for?"
    • "What can I help you with?"
    • "I am not amused."
    • "Are you challenging me?"
    • "That's not funny."
    • "You dispute my honor?!"
    • "Back off, whelp."
    • "Will you stop touching me?!"


Trivia: These are originally from Warcraft III.

  • "Yes?"
  • "Hmmm?"
  • "What you want?"
  • "Something need doing?"
  • "Whaaat?"
  • "Me busy. Leave me alone!"
  • "Me not that kind of orc!"
  • "No time for play."

Frostwolf male

  • Greeting
    • *Hrrrrr*
    • "What is it?"
    • "Speak."
    • "For Durotan."
    • "Stay safe."
    • "Honor our clan"
    • "Fight as one."
    • "Run with the pack."
    • "For the Frostwolves."
  • Vendor
    • "What do you want?"
    • "I have goods for sale."
    • "Maybe we can trade."
    • "Maybe I can help."

Frostwolf female

  • Greeting
    • "It is a good day to fight."
    • "I am here."
    • "Everybody pulls their weight."
    • "Run with the pack."
    • "We fight together."
    • "For the clan."
    • "Stay strong."
    • "For Durotan."
    • "Beware the wilds."
  • Vendor
    • "I am listening."
    • "Do you need supplies?"
    • "Goods for sale, or trade."
    • "Talk to me."

Frostwall Grunt

  • "Orders, commander?"
  • "What are your orders, commander?"
  • "Commander!"
  • "Hail, commander!"
  • "At your command."
  • "All's quiet, commander."

Irritated quotes are the same as for regular orcs.



  • Greeting
    • "Speak up."
    • "Hmm?"
    • "Slow down."
    • "What do you need?"
    • "Hello."
    • "Greetings, wanderer."
    • "Tell me of your travels."
    • "Welcome."
    • "Goodbye."
    • "Enough of that."
    • "Until next time."
    • "White Tiger watch over you."
    • "Jade Serpent guide you."
    • "Next one is on me."
    • "May the mists protect you."
    • "There is no hurry."
  • Vendor
    • "Browse. Take your time. Enjoy!"
    • "Please, browse my wares."
    • "Looking to buy?"
    • "Buy something."
    • "You will not find a better bargain."
    • "You move like a pregnant yak!"
    • "Your so-called Kung Fu is really quite pathetic."
    • "Your swordsmanship is amateur at best!"
    • "So, my pathetic friend... is there anything that you can do well?!"
    • "I knew it! All you are good at is ordering food at restaurants and spending your guild's money. Get out of my sight!"
    • "It is said: Wise man do not poke bear."
    • "Are you spoiling for a fight?"


  • Greeting
    • "Patience, patience."
    • "Hello."
    • "What is your hurry?"
    • "Come, speak with me."
    • "Oh, hello!"
    • "Welcome."
    • "Greetings."
    • "Tell me of your travels."
    • "Keep the peace."
    • "Stay focused."
    • "May your deeds live on in story."
    • "Goodbye."
    • "May your days bring you joy!"
    • "Farewell!"
    • "I hope to see you again soon."
    • "Travel safe."
  • Vendor
    • "I have travelled far to assemble these goods."
    • "I have only the finest wares."
    • "We can do business."
    • "You are in for a treat!"
    • "Looking to buy?"
    • "My goods are crafted with great care."
    • "So... you like to play games?"
    • "I will you teach you my favourite Pandaren game to play."
    • "It is called "Touch me again and I will kick your face"."
    • "It is a fun game... because I always win."
    • "Is there not something more productive you could do with your hands?"
    • "Perhaps you should get a hobby."
    • "Have you seen the sights of Pandaria?"
    • "The Serpent's Spine is a wall that travels the length of the continent, and was originally built during the Mogu dynasties."
    • "The Veiled Stair is a hidden pass connecting the Valley of Four Winds to the Northern Highlands. There is a tavern there that I highly recommend."
    • "On the southern shores you will find Turtle Beach, where the first Pandaren explorer ventured into the ocean on the back of a turtle... or so the legend goes."
    • "Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit is the tallest peak in Pandaria... perhaps in the whole world!"
    • "What I am trying to say is... please, just go bother someone else!"

Old man

  • Greeting
    • "What wisdom do you seek?"
    • "Tell me of your travels."
    • "You are most welcome."
    • "You have the eyes of one who has traveled much."
    • "Family. Friends. Food. These are what matter most."
    • "May you find mastery in your passions."
    • "Slow down! Life is to be savored!"
    • "May the Red Crane live forever in your heart."
  • Irritated
    • "I am too old for this."
    • "We never treated our elders such, when I was a cub!"

Old woman

  • Greeting
    • "What wisdom do you seek?"
    • "Tell me of your travels."
    • "You are most welcome."
    • "Welcome, wanderer!"
    • "Keep your eyes and heart open."
    • "The world is your teacher."
    • "Spirits bless your path."
    • "Live for your dreams."
  • Vendor
    • "These are the finest goods in the land."
    • "You have come to the right place."
    • "Behold the wonders of Pandaria."
    • "I am too old for this."
    • "We never treated our elders such, when I was a cub!"


  • Greeting
    • "Where are you from?"
    • "Hi there!"
    • "I'm growing a beard!"
    • "What'cha doin'?"
    • "Who are you supposed to be?"
    • "You're fun!"
    • "Come back soon!"
    • "Tell me a story before you go?"
    • "Where you going?"
    • "Bye bye!"
  • Irritated
    • "Where do turtles come from?"
    • "I like climbing trees."
    • "Did you ever eat a bug?"
    • "Watch what I can do with my lips! *makes garbled noises*"
    • "You've sure got a lot of questions."
    • "Okay... you're weird."


  • Greeting
    • "Tell me a story!"
    • "I'm not afraid of you!"
    • "Hi there!"
    • "Where are you from?"
    • "Some day I'm going to be a hero, like you!"
    • "Go smash some bad guys!"
    • "Have fun!"
    • "See you later!"
    • "Bye bye!"
    • "Where are you going?"
  • Irritated
    • "I'm smarter than you! I'm clever like a Jinyu!"
    • "You sure do talk a lot."
    • "I can burp - watch! ... Wait for it..."
    • "*burps* Did you hear it?! That was me!"
    • "Okay... yeah... bored."
    • "Now you're just being creepy."

Shado-Pan male

  • Greeting
    • "We are the sword in the shadows."
    • "We must not falter."
    • "We are the watchers on the wall."
    • "What is it?"
    • "Pandaria conceals a great darkness"
    • "We serve so others do not have to."
    • "Watch the shadows."
    • "The wall must stand."
    • "Beware the western wind."
  • Irritated
    • "There are better ways to get my attention."
    • "Were you sent here to test me?!"
    • "I have trained my entire life to keep my emotions in check, but then you come along, with your poking, and your prodding! ... Inner calm... must maintain inner calm..."

Shado-Pan female

  • Greeting
    • "We are the sword in the shadows."
    • "We are the watchers on the wall."
    • "We keep the darkness at bay."
    • "Our vigil is constant."
    • "Speak."
    • "The wall must stand."
    • "Stay vigilant."
    • "Be strong."
    • "Move like the night."
  • Irritated
    • "You will not break my resolve."
    • "You will... *deep breath* not... break... my resolve."
    • "*deep breath* So help me... I will break your resolve!"


Trivia: These are originally from Warcraft III.

  • "Now what?"
  • "You again?"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • *sigh*


  • "Are you here to help?"
  • "Korthek brought this war upon us."
  • "We must stay strong."


  • Greeting
    • "Well, hello there."
    • "I'd sooner kill you than look at you, but let's start with look."
    • "Your wish might be my command. Then again..."
    • "Yes, I am on your side. It's complicated, because... reasons."
    • "I live to serve the Illidari."
    • "No hug before you go?"
    • "Next time, eyes all the way up here."
    • "Let's do this again real soon."
    • "I always love our little chats."
    • "Try not to forget that the Legion wants to burn all worlds, especially yours."
  • Irritated
    • "Oh, no you did not!"
    • "Well, this is wholly inappropriate! I'm hardly dressed for a poking war."
    • "Hey, that one hurt! I don't take pain, I deliver it."
    • "I'm starting to think that I need to put you over my knee! A six-arm spanking is in order."
    • "ENOUGH! [Unintelligible Eredun cursing]"


  • Male Stoneborn
    • It is mine to serve.
    • My strength is born of honor and stone.
    • What do you need?
    • For the true venthyr.
    • I stand at the ready.
    • For Revendreth.
    • I will uphold my oath.
    • For duty and valor.
    • Serve with honor, but only the honorable.
    • Remember the fallen.
    • May the Stonewright carve your fate.
    • Victory will be hours.
    • Keep your weapons close, and you allies closer.
    • Do not forget to look up.
    Female Stoneborn
    • Stonewright's blessing, mortal.
    • I have been watching you.
    • Were you followed?
    • Ray-tal!
    • Keep your weapons sharp, and your senses sharper.
    • Revendreth will endure!
    • Always be ready for battle.
    • Never assume you're alone.
    • Keep your talons ready.
    • It takes stone to hold a heart of fire.
    • Eyes to the skies.
    • May you see your end coming.
    • We watch, we wait, we strike.
    • Keep your eyes open. Always.
    • Death is patient. So am I.
    • I know I'm quite a sight, but could you do your staring later?
    • I have not been ordered to kill you. Yet.
  • Gravewing
    • Stonewright's blessing, mortal.
    • Report.
    • Maw Walker.
    • What news do you herald?
    • My honor for Revendreth.
    • Need something destroyed?
    • Mortal.
    • Carve your own destiny.
    • I am too old for this.
    • My stone brothers and I are with you.
    • I stand at the ready.
    • Your spirit is strong. Guard it well.
    • I like you. Try not to die.
    • Always be on your guard here.
    • Know that your continued behavior is nothing new or original, and you should feel bad about yourself for trying.
    • I was carved ages before your kind learned to speak.
    • When you die, make sure it is on your feet, weapon in hand, smile on your face, and among the corpses of your enemies.
    Stone fiend
    • The famous Maw Walker!
    • Yes? I am quite busy.
    • What do you need? I am obligated to obey.
    • I'm ready.
    • You have orders for me?
    • You're talking to me?
    • How can I serve the esteemed Maw Walker?
    • Tell the master I'm here. I think he... forgot.
    • This job isn't so bad after all!
    • You know... where... to find me...
    • 'Til next time!
    • An interesting task isn't too much to ask...
    • Thank you for your time.
    • I'll be here...
    • My master didn't order me to do that.
    Stone fiend vendor/flight master
    • Why would anyone walk anywhere?
    • Hmm. My master did say to serve everyone...
    • Another satisfied patron.
    • Remember: a safe flight is a boring flight.


  • Greeting
    • "Peace, friend."
    • "Hail."
    • "You wish to speak?"
    • "How?"
    • "How may I aid you?"
    • "What brings you here?"
    • "Ah, I've been expecting you."
    • "Well met."
    • "Greetings, traveler."
    • "Greetings."
    • "The winds guide you."
    • "I've been expecting you."
    • "Walk with the Earth Mother."
    • "Winds be at your back."
    • "Go in peace."
    • "May the eternal sun shine upon thee."
    • "Be careful."
    • "We shall meet again."
    • "Ancestors watch over you."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Goodbye."
  • Vendor
    • "Ah, I have just the thing for you."
    • "Looking for something special?"
    • "I have business to attend to."
    • "I have no time for playing."
    • "You are not amusing."
    • "Have you nothing better to do?"
    • "You are testing my patience."
    • "Away pest!"

Highmountain tauren

Note: Some Highmountain use the voices of regular tauren.

  • Greeting
    • "Hmph."
    • "Greetings, traveler."
    • "Do you feel the change in the wind?"
    • "It is a day for flying."
    • "What has the wind brought?"
    • "The river provides."
    • "Highmountain stands."
    • "We defend this world together."
    • "Peace and patience, friend."
    • "We will not fear the darkness."
    • "We defend against the darkness."
    • "Ride the winds."
    • "Look to the skies."
    • "Beware the deep places of the earth."
    • "May An'she guide you." / "An'she guide you."
    • "Together, we are Highmountain."
    • "May your rivers be ever bountiful."
    • "Sun and moon light your way."
    • "Remember the Earth Mother's lessons."
  • Vendor
    • "I have just the thing for you."
    • "Have you come to trade?"
    • "Are you staring at my rack?"
    • "Want a closer look? HEADBUTT!"
    • "It's a long way to fall off this mountain."
    • "This rack isn't just for show, you know."
    • "How do you feel about a hoof to the face?"
    • "You're worse than a drogbar."
    • "Go get lost in a cave."


  • Greeting
    • "Talk to me."
    • "Eh there."
    • "Who you be?"
    • "Hello mon."
    • "Greetings mon."
    • "What be on ya mind?"
    • "How ya doing mon?"
    • "Relax."
    • "Lo' mon."
    • "Don't be shy."
    • "What'chu want?"
    • "You come get da Voodoo."
    • "Layta."
    • "Ookie Dookie."
    • "See ya layta."
    • "Stay away from the Voodoo."
    • "You be careful mon."
    • "Be seeing ya."
    • "Spirits be with ya mon."
  • Vendor
    • "Whatcha lookin for?"
    • "Me got the good stuff mon."
    • "That be unnecessary!"
    • "Be cool mon."
    • "You making me angry mon."
    • "Da spirits not amused!"
    • "Spirits not amused."
    • "I'm over this!"
    • "Keep it up, I'll [Hex] ya."


  • Greeting
    • "What troubles you?"
    • "Yes, shalashka?"
    • "Let us visit for a while."
    • "Who is this that speaks?"
    • "Your company is welcome."
    • "I will hear you."
    • "You have my attention."
    • "Stay warm!"
    • "Good hunting!"
    • "May your nets always be full."
    • "Travel the wastes with care."
    • "Thorin thuru." or "Boron thuru."
    • "Visit again when you can."
    • "Uk'kala akli kai."
  • Vendor
    • "My wares are available to you."
    • "My stock was hard to come by."
    • "Is there something you desire?"
    • "Let us trade for our prosperity."
    • "I have much to offer."
    • "Your coin is valuable, even out here."
    • "You have use of these things."
    • "Are you staying long?"
    • "This is... amusing to you?"
    • "My people have twenty words for the sea."
    • "But we have none to describe your behavior."
    • "Zzzzz... wha? You were saying something?"
    • "Your disposition is... fishy."


  • Venthyr
    • Darkest greetings.
    • We have eternity to know you.
    • Approach freely.
    • Welcome.
    • It has been so long since I laid hands on a living mortal. Are you in a rush?
    • Hmm. I would wager you are hiding many dark secrets.
    • Oh. Something new.
    • Ugh, figures. First new soul I see in ages is still alive.
    • Darkest greetings.
    • I hear you've seen the master. Did he mention me?
    • Oh, look at you. So full of life and free will.
    • The Master is watching! Always watching.
    • You make me miss my mortal body.
    • The living in the land of the dead. Dark times.
    • May you rise ever higher.
    • Go safely.
    • For the Master.
    • See yourself out.
    • You must see my tailor. They can fit something that can fit just right.
    • Going so soon?
    • Be seeing you.
    • Enjoy your time as you. Death can change that.
    • Count your sins, before someone else does.
    • No one comes to Revendreth by accident.
    • Leave this place! Before it is too late.
    • Never forget: how you live determines your eternity.
    • Just a few more centuries and I will earn my place in the Castle.
    • I miss so much of what you take for granted.
    • Venthyr pretending to be mortals pretending to be venthyr. How avant-garde.
  • Avowed Venthyr
    • The Master is watching.
    • Do you seek redemption?
    • And what secret shall be your soul's undoing?
    • What sin shall we redeem first?
    • Shall we begin?
    • Have you come to confess?
    • Darkest greetings, Maw Walker.
    • Live your life wisely, or we will meet again.
    • You cannot evade your past, only confront it.
    • No sin is forgotten.
    • We should have plenty of time together later.
    • Darkness is its own comfort.
    • Shadows watch over you.
    • You still have time.
    Vendor Venthyr
    • You need what I have to sell you.
    • What do you desire?
    • Indulge in these wares. What is one more sin?
    • Revendreth can be very dangerous. Want to buy something that makes it less so?
    • Indulge in my wares. It is only a petty sin.
    • Can you even afford my goods?
    • Behold! The finest and rarest of goods in all of the Shadowlands.
    • All you need... for a price.
    • Let us see how well you bargain.
    • Your need called to me.
    • Talismans, trinkets, torture tools. All for trade.
    • The price is not pleasant, but it is fair.
    • Going so soon?
    • Until your needs bring you back.
    • Nothing else?
    • I will await your return.
    • Keep me in mind if you find anything... exotic.
    • Nothing else? How... moderate.
    • Nothing you crave? Pity.
    • You will return. They all do.
    • We're done, for now.
    • Very well.
    • You will return.
    • It was always your choice.

Void elf

  • Greeting
    • "I greet you."
    • "We fight for a new future."
    • "Bal'a dash, malanore."
    • "Walk your own path."
    • "Question everything."
    • "We embrace a new future."
    • "New doorways have opened to us."
    • "The universe is full of mystery."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Shorel'aran."
    • "The whispers do not control me."
    • "The Void offers endless possibilities."
    • "Unchecked emotion leads to ruin."
    • "My fate is my own."
    • "Do not fear the shadows."
    • "Power is to be wielded, not feared."
  • Vendor
    • "Everything has a price, if you are willing to pay it."
    • "What do you seek?"
    • "I offer rare goods from distant realms."
    • "Your infantile behaviour will not provoke me."
    • "Remember the Sunwell? Please. I'm so over it."
    • "If a portal leading into endless nothingness were to open under your feet and consume you in my presence, rest assured it would be entirely coincidental. Accidents do happen, after all."
    • "Oh sure, I get physically transformed by a cosmic force known to induce madness, and suddenly I'm considered suspicious. Talk about profiling!"


  • Greeting
    • "I spit on you!"
    • "Out with it!"
    • "You come to die!"
    • "Sniveling pig!"
    • "And don't come back!"
    • "You are wise to depart!"
    • "Out way!"
    • "Begone."
  • Vendor
    • "Take it or leave it."
    • "Don't ask where I got these!"
    • "This will cost you dearly!"
    • "My prices aren't negotiable."
    • "I will take pleasure in gutting you!"
    • "I'll eat your heart."
    • "And drink your blood!"
    • "Your entrails will make a fine necklace!"
    • "Die, maggot!"


  • Greeting
    • "I am Valarjar."
    • "Glory to Odyn."
    • "Hail champion."
    • "Death to your enemies."
    • "Until the next battle."
    • "May yer battles end in victory."
  • Vendor
    • "Speak"
    • "Spit it out."
    • "We can trade"
    • "Buy, sell or begone."
    • "Hmm."
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Judgement awaits."
    • "To glory!"
    • "Hmm-mm."
    • "Bah."


  • Greeting
    • "Got anything for me?"
    • "Have you come to trade?"
    • "Hi there!"
    • "Need something?"
    • "What did you bring me?"
    • "Everything has value... even you."
    • "Discipline and tact are scarce resources for YOU, it seems!"
    • "My kind kills for less, you know."
  • Dismiss
    • "Be quick, be clever."
    • "Don't die out there."
    • "Remember, everything has its use."
    • "Survival means being resourceful."
    • "Take care of yourself. No one else will!"
    • "The dunes have everything we need."

Worgen/Gilnean human

Note: All quotes are said in both in human form and worgen form unless noted. Some worgen NPCs also lack voice quotes altogether.

  • Greeting
    • "Ain't you a chipper looking one?"
    • "We've been walled up for far too long."
    • "Oi!"
    • "Any friend of Greymane is a friend of mine."
    • "I've got a bad feeling."
    • "Get gabbing or get going."
    • "What can I do for you?"
    • "What's your story?"
    • "Yes?"
    • "Greymane will lead us to victory."
    • "You have my attention."
    • "Our curse grants us strength."
    • "Hail traveler."
    • "Don't waste my time."
    • "I can smell your fear."
    • "No time for dallying."
    • "You have my undivided attention."
    • "Glory to Gilneas."
    • "Gilneas will be reborn from the blood of our enemies."
    • "Watch your back!"
    • "Long live Greymane."
    • "Farewell."
    • "Good day."
    • "Keep your chin up, eh?"
    • "That's enough gabbing from me today."
    • "Let the light of the new moon guide you."
    • "We are bound by a common enemy."
    • "You wouldn't want to see me when I'm angry."
    • "The past must not be repeated."
    • "We are not the monsters here."
    • "Keep your enemies in your sights."
    • "We must face our fears."
    • "Remember that the beasts in the shadows might be your salvation."
  • Vendor
    • "You wish to buy? Trade?"
    • "I offer service with a smile."
    • "Open for business!"
    • "I have what you seek."
    • "What do you offer?"
    • "How may I help you?"
    • "Alright then, what have we here?"
    • "Ain't one bit of rubbish in my selection."
    • "Fine Gilnean merchandise here."
    • "Paying customers only."
    • "Have a go, why don't ya?"
    • "You got fine taste, I can tell."
    • "Your coin will go a long way here."
    • "If it ain't here, it ain't nowhere."
    • "You've come to the right spot, you have."
    • "How about we make a deal?"
    Vendor dismiss
    • "The only honest merchant's a Gilnean merchant."
    • "I run a standup business here."
    • "Cheers, mate."
    • "Buying and selling is in me blood."
    • "What, no tip?"
    • "Hop in anytime."
    • "Spread the good word, eh?"
    • "Cheerio."
    • "Always a pleasure."
    • "Are you trying to make me angry?"
    • "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."
    • "My bite is far worse than my bark!"
    • "I will tear you limb from limb!"
    • "I cannot contain the rage much longer."
    • "You dare challenge me?"
    • "Get lost!"
    • "I grow tired of you."
    • <barking noise>

Zandalari troll


  • Greeting
    • "Do you need protection?"
    • "Greetings."
    • "I am listenin'."
    • "Speak your business."
    • "What do you ask of de Zandalari?"
    • "What is your business here?"
    • "Zandalar will endure."
    • "Di chuka Zandalar!"
    • "Go carefully."
    • "I am sworn to defend de royal family."
    • "I serve de Zandalari."
    • "Our kingdom will be defended."
    • "Watch yourself within our city."
    • "Zandalar forever!"
  • Vendor
    • "Best goods in de empire, right here!"
    • "Show me your coin, and I will show you my wares."
    • "You are never going to find a better deal." (female) / "You will never find a better deal." (male)
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Be seein' you." (female) / "I will be seein' you." (male)
    • "Come again!" (female) / "Please, come again!" (male)
    • "You know where to find me."

Lower caste

  • Greeting
    • "Hello, mon."
    • "Mind your step around me."
    • "What you doin' here?"
    • "What you want, richmon?"
    • "Who you be?"
    • "May Jani bring you fortune."
    • "Shadra be watchin'."
    • "So be it."
    • "Watch your back."
    • "Zandalar forever."
  • Vendor
    • "Got some coin to spend?" (female) / "You got coin to spend?" (male)
    • "I got de good deals." (female) / "Hey friend, I got good deals for you!" (male)
    • "You here to buy, richmon?"
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Come on, you can afford another bauble or two."
    • "Come on back with more of dat coin now." (female) / "Listen, you come on back with more of dat coin now, yes?" (male)
    • "You gonna be back for dese goods."
    • "I ain't that kind of troll, ya know. We Zandalari got standards."
    • "Back off, richmon!"
    • "Why you pickin' on me?!" (female) / "What I do to you? Why you pickin' on me?!" (male)


  • Greeting
    • "Dey say you have de ear of de throne."
    • "Do you know who I am?"
    • "Do you want something?"
    • "Hm, and which loa do you bargain with?"
    • "Give my regards to de throne."
    • "I pray we chose our allies well."
    • "May de loa bring you fortune."
    • "Zandalar forever."
    • "Come to trade?"
    • "I specialize in fine imports."
    • "Only de finest goods!"
  • Vendor dismiss
    • "Browsin' my competitors? You'll be back."
    • "Do not leave emptyhanded."
    • "Everythin' here can be had for a price."
    • "Were you born in a saurid pen?"
    • "Jani's zealot, stop pawin' at me!"
    • "Ahh! You smell of... well... not of Zandalar!"


  • Greeting
    • "De spirits whisper your name."
    • "I am listening."
    • "May de loa bless your journey."
    • "Name your loa, so I may name mine."
    • "Speak."
    • "Speak, and de loa listen."
    • "Which loa do you bargain with?"
    • "De loa are always watchin'."
    • "De loa are strong here."
    • "Loa guide you."
    • "Loa keep you."
    • "Spirits be with you."
    • "Spirits' blessings."
    • "When de loa speak, be sure to listen."
  • Vendor
    • "De loa do not trade in coin, but I do."
    • "What are you looking for?"
    • "You find only de best juju here."
    Vendor dismiss
    • "Be seein' you." (female) / "I will be seein' you." (male)
    • "May de loa of fortune smile upon you."
    • "Spirits grant you fortune." (female) / "May de spirits grant you fortune." (male)
    • "No need to be pushy! De loa work in mysterious ways."
    • "You are tempting fate by doing dat."
    • "Ugh. Here, take two of dese and see me in the morning."
    • "You want a curse? Dis is how you get a curse!"

Loa priest

  • "Gonk guide your path."
  • "Pa'ku watch over you."
  • "Rezan give you strength."

Same as "religious" NPCs.


  • Greeting
    • "Oh, hello dere."
    • "Rawr!"
    • "Taz'dingo!"
    • "Taz'okun!"
    • "Bye bye, new friend!"
    • "Lot of monsters out dere!"
    • "Ma'da wants me home soon."
    • "Where are you goin'?"
  • Irritated
    • "Somebody stole my box of shrunken heads. Was it you?"
    • "I got ten toes... but only four of dem are mine."
    • "Gonna be a brutosaur druid when I grow up! Rawr!"
    • "Loas are so cool. Most of dem are big enough to eat you!"


  • Greeting
    • "Hmph, I'm gonna be a loa one day."
    • "Taz'dingo!"
    • "Taz'okun!"
    • "Are you walkin' away from me?"
    • "Bye bye!"
    • "My loa could beat up your loa!"
  • Irritated
    • "Ooh, dis one time, I caught de biggest fish I ever saw! ...but it turned out to just be a hexed guard."
    • "Dis one time, I caught a saurid! It was really REALLY really really really REALLY really big! I got told it was a ravasaur, but I think those grownups were lying."
    • "Dis one time, I caught a brutosaur by de tail! I let it walk me for thirty-two and a half breaths!"
    • "Dis one time, I beat up an adventurer and took de skull! Dey was bigger than you."
    • "Oh, dis one time, I stole an alpaca and I took it to de temple! But den ma'da made me let it go."

Dire troll

  • Greeting
    • *laughs* "Time to smash it!"
    • "Who you be wantin' me to kill?"
    • *laughs* "Ya lookin' to be smashed?"
    • "Go now! Me be needin' meat."
    • "I be all that is troll." *chuckles*
    • "Leave, small puny ting."
  • Irritated
    • *growls* "Meat!"
    • "Give me meat! Hey, with a side of meat! And, uh... meat salad."

Vol'dun exile

  • "All be welcome here." (female only)
  • "Hello, mon."
  • "No one deserves dis fate."
  • "Whatcha need?" (male only)
  • "De sands swallow de weak."
  • "Don't trust anyone." (male only)
  • "Stay safe out dere."
  • "Watch your back out there." (female only)