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Race Sporemound
Affiliation(s) Evergrowth
Location Tanaan Jungle (body)
Status Deceased

Naanu was one of the three final Sporemounds faced by Grond, the other two being Zang and Botaan. It wore a fleece of dense jungles.[1]

After Zang was torn apart by Grond, the giant pressed his attack against Naanu and crushed it between his unyielding hands. The lifeless Sporemound collapsed to the ground. Its broken husk would slowly sink into the earth and become a region called Tanaan Jungle.[1]

After both Zang and Naanu had fallen to Grond's attacks, Botaan leeched the dwindling life essence from their bodies to empower itself and grow to an enormous size, allowing it to defeat Grond by entangling him in thousands of small vines that gradually burrowed into the cracks on his skin until they tore the wounds open, killing the giant.[1]