NeutralNaga Attack!
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Type Elite World Quest
Reputation +150 <zone-specific faction>
Rewards Varies

Naga Attack! is a world quest that can appear in any zone on Kul Tiras and Zandalar.


  • Repel the naga invaders


Kul Tiras
  • Toki says: Whatever Azshara is planning, it can't be good. Stop those naga in their... uh... tracks. (Mariner's Strand and Addington Shipyards, Stormsong Valley)
  • Toki says: I've seen my share of naga aggression over the years, but nothing like this. Force them back, <class>! (Southwind Station, Tiragarde Sound)
  • Toki says: I haven't seen the naga this bold in centuries. I say we teach them a lesson! (Carver's Harbor, Drustvar)
  • Toki says: The naga are up in arms! Stop them before more innocent lives are lost. (Thresher's Wharf, Stormsong Valley)
  • Toki says: This isn't good, <name>. We need to meet those naga head on. Get in there! (Krag'wa's Shore, Nazmir)
  • Toki says: Those blasted naga are assaulting the coast. Teach 'em a lesson they won't soon forget! (Vol'dun)
  • Toki says: It's never a good thing when the naga slither onto land. Cut 'em down before they can execute their queen's insidious plans. (Atal'Gral, Zuldazar)
  • Toki says: Someone has to put a stop to those naga. And right now, that someone is you. (Dreadpearl Shallows, Zuldazar)


Depending on zone and player faction, you will receive:

You will also receive  [Unstable Manapearl] and one of the following:


Kul Tiras
  • Toki says: That should put a wrinkle in Azshara's schemes. Well done, <class>! (Mariner's Strand, Stormsong Valley)
  • Toki says: Hah! Way to drive them back into the water. If only we could get rid of them for good! (Southwind Station, Tiragarde Sound)
  • Toki says: Nice job handling the naga. Can never be too careful with those slippery goons. (Carver's Harbor, Drustvar)
  • Toki says: The tide of battle has turned in our favor, thanks to you. Well done. (Thresher's Wharf, Stormsong Valley)
  • Toki says: Even thinking about what the naga are planning makes my shell crawl. Thanks for dealing with them. (Krag'wa's Shore, Nazmir)
  • Toki says: Maybe now they'll think twice about leaving the surf to invade our turf. Hah! Ahem... nice work. (Vol'dun)
  • Toki says: Been a while since I've seen a naga operation of this... scale. Heh. Good work, kid. (Atal'Gral, Zuldazar)
  • Toki says: There's no telling what Azshara's after. We'll have to keep our eyes on the shore from now on. (Dreadpearl Shallows, Zuldazar)


 [Azsharan Medallion] can drop from naga mobs during this World Quest.

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