Naielle, The Rangari

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AllianceNaielle, The Rangari

Exarch Naielle
Start Exarch Othaar [59.4, 26.6]
End Exarch Naielle [56.5, 23.5]
Level 91 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 1400
Reputation +250 Council of Exarchs
Rewards 1g 18s
Previous A [91] The Exarch Council
Next A [91] Fun with Fungus, A [91] The Sting


Speak to Exarch Naielle in the Rangari Enclave.


I am calling the Exarch Council to order to hear your petition. None of us doubt that this "Iron Horde" is a threat; but few can agree on what we should do about it. It is up to you and Vindicator Maraad to gather the Exarchs together.

Exarch Naielle is the leader of the rangari, the "Eyes of the Prophet." They are our scouts who silently stalk the farthest corners of Draenor. Seek her out in the Rangari Enclave northwest of here.


You will receive: 1g 18s


<Name>! You have only just arrived but already your name is the talk of Elodor.

I will gladly support your cause for the Exarch Council - it has always been my opinion that the draenei need to get out and be proactive in our world instead of hiding behind our walls.

But first, I need your help with something...



Pick up A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer before heading out. On accept of both:

Vindicator Maraad says: I will seek out Exarchs Akama and Maladaar. Good luck, Commander.

Get to the Rangari Enclave by following the path north from Othaar's position, then down the hill to the northwest.


  1. A [91] Migrant Workers
  2. A [91] Circle the Wagon
  3. A [91] Invisible Ramparts
  4. A [91] Defenstrations
  5. A [91] The Exarch Council
  6. Complete all of
    • Naielle
    1. A [91] Naielle, The Rangari
    2. A [91] Fun with Fungus
    • Hataaru
    1. A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer
    2. A [91] Shut 'er Down
  7. A [91] Exarch Maladaar
  8. A [91] Trust No One
  9. A [91] Warning the Exarchs
  10. A [91] Speaker for the Dead
  11. A [91] The Traitor's True Name

Optional Garrison Follower conclusion:

  1. A [91] Friend of the Exarchs
  2. A [91] Supply Drop

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