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Naigtal Landscape
Map of the Naigtal scenario.

Naigtal is a nighttime world of giant mushrooms, resembling Zangarmarsh on Outland. It is one of the Invasion Points of the Burning Legion, accessible from Argus.

The planet is (or at one point was) home to at least one intelligent race. Sergeant Krashj hails from Naigtal and used to train herds of Marsh Shamblers for pit combat during every "Soltian festival".[1]



  • Energized Vines - Thorned vines that protrude from the ground with a glowing red energy that will zap anything nearby.
  • Tree-sized glowing blue cap mushrooms, with either green or glowing blue undersides.
  • Medium-sized purple cup-shaped mushrooms.
  • Various smaller glowing cap mushrooms of green, blue or pink that twist or emit glowing spores.
  • Green grass and ferns.
  • Small blue and white flowers.


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