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Image of Nal'tira
Gender Male
Race Spider (Beast)
Level 112 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nal'tira's Lair, The Arcway
Status Killable

General Xakal
Advisor Vandros


Nal'tira is a spider located in Nal'tira's Lair in The Arcway.


Adventure Guide

This massive spider made its nest in the hollow beneath a great mana tree. Over the years, loose magical energies and runoff have warped the creature, imbuing Nal'tira with arcane energy that makes her perhaps the deadliest predator in the Arcway.


Nal'tira weakens her enemies and attempts to draw them into her Tangled Web.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Avoid Nether Venom pools.
  • Break Tangled Web by moving away from the player you are tethered to.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Temporal Displacement inflicts heavy damage to the entire group.
  • Break Tangled Web by moving away from the player you are tethered to.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Break Tangled Web by moving away from the player you are tethered to.


  • Spell mage arcaneorb.png  Blink Strikes — Nal'tira teleports to a distant player and executes a series of attacks for 2.5 sec. Each attack inflicts 268125 to 281875 Arcane damage to all players in front of her every 0.5 sec. 
  • Inv inscription pigment nether.png  Nether Venom — Nal'tira spits venom at a random player's location that persists for 5 min. Players inside the venom suffer 100000 Arcane damage every second and have their haste reduced by 500%. 
  • Inv misc web 02.png  Tangled Web — Nal'tira pulls random players to her location, connecting each player together with a web that inflicts 127500 Arcane damage every second. This effect persists until players that are webbed together move at least 30 yards away from each other. 
  • Vicious Manafang Heroic Difficulty
    • Inv misc monsterspidercarapace 01.png  Devour Heroic Difficulty — Vicious Manafangs attempt to devour a player, rooting them in place and inflicting Physical damage every second for 20 sec. This effect is canceled if the Vicious Manafang suffers 30% of its maximum health in damage. 


Item Type
 [Fistful of Eyes] Blood artifact relic
 [Nal'tira's Venom Gland] Life artifact relic
 [Greathelm of Barbed Chelicerae] Plate helmet
 [Arcane Exterminator's Shoulderguards] Mail shoulders
 [Cloak of Mana-Spun Silk] Cloak
 [Tunnel Fiend Bracers] Cloth bracers
 [Manafang Waistguard] Leather belt
 [Ring of Twisted Webbing] Ring
 [Nether Anti-Toxin] Healer trinket
 [Tome of Hex: Spider] Shaman tome

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