Nana's Vote III: Witchberry Julep

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NeutralNana's Vote III: Witchberry Julep

Start Nana Mudclaw [54.7, 47.0]
End Nana Mudclaw [54.7, 47.0]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 236000
Reputation +440 The Tillers
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
Previous N [90] Nana's Vote II: The Sacred Springs


Plant and harvest 3 Witchberries, then deliver 15 Witchberries to Nana Mudclaw.

Witchberry Seeds can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield at Halfhill Market. After tilling and tending your plant, you must wait until the next day to harvest ripe Witchberries.


Now that we have the water, I can almost taste the icy cold witchberry julep!

Now, we just need to find ourselves some sweet witchberries.

My grandson's berries this season have been total slop, so I need to seek a decent harvest elsewhere.

Say, do you have any witchberries in the ground this year? How about you bring me some from your farm?

If your berries are up to the standard, we'll make ourselves a grand old batch of the old juice!


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Hurry it up, will ya? I'm an old woman. I don't have all the time in the world, and I want one more taste of the sauce before I croak!


<Nana Mudclaw scrutinizes a dark witchberry, then pops it into her mouth. Her face lights up.>

Lands alive! I haven't tasted such a sweet, juicy witchberry in years! Why, the only person who could grow berries like these was... Old Yoon, yer friend's grandpa.

<Nana Mudclaw blushes.>

Oh that man was such a scamp! I still remember the summer days when we were young, eating these berries by the bushel without a care in the world.

Thank you for reminding me of an old friend, <name>.



Nana and Yoon

Plant three  [Witchberry Seeds], do whatever it takes to get them growing, then come back tomorrow to collect them.

On complete:

Nana Mudclaw says: Anyone with such a talented green thumb needs to be a Tiller. I don't care what that hare-brained grandson of mine says! Haohan is wrong about Farmer Yoon. You have my vote, <name>.

Head down to the farm:

Nana Mudclaw walks down the path from Halfhill to visit Farmer Yoon.
Farmer Yoon says: Y-y-you're N-N-Nana Mudclaw! I n-never thought I'd get a visit from the m-m-matron herself!
Nana Mudclaw says: I had to come and see Old Yoon's cub with my own eyes.
Nana Mudclaw says: I knew your grandfather well. I was very sorry when he passed.
Nana Mudclaw says: You know, the two of you remind me of him.
Nana Mudclaw says: You were stubborn enough to keep tilling this soil even though you didn't have much experience.
Nana Mudclaw says: You were brave enough to stand up to my grandson, Haohan.
Nana Mudclaw says: And you two have shown quite the knack for growing delicious fruits and vegetables.
Nana Mudclaw says: For that, you have earned my respect, my gratitude, and my vote. Well done.
After bowing, Nana kneels in front of the Tillers Shrine and inserts an incense stick vote into the fourth Offering Bowl.
Nana starts heading back to town, but then stops and turns around.
Nana Mudclaw says: Oh, and Farmer Yoon.
Nana Mudclaw says: I do believe your grandpa would be very proud of you.
Nana turns back and continues on her way.


  1. Neutral:
    1. N [87] A Helping Hand (+900)
    2. N [87] Learn and Grow I: Seeds (+500)
    3. N [87] Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting (+500)
    4. N [87] Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops (+500)
    5. N [87] Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting (+700)
  2. Friendly:
    1. N [87] Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market (+999)
      • Dailies now available
    2. N [87] Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote (+1400)
  3. Honored:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm I: The Weeds (+500)
    2. N [90] Growing the Farm I: A Little Problem (+500)
  4. Honored 5,500/12,000:
    1. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote I: A Hozen's Problem (+400)
    2. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote II: Rotten to the Core (+400)
    3. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote III: The Great Carrot Caper (+400)
  5. Revered:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm II: The Broken Wagon (+500)
    2. N [90] Growing the Farm II: Knock on Wood (+500)
    3. Barnaby Fletcher (optional):
      1. N [90] A Shabby New Face (+10)
      2. N [90] One Magical, Flying Kingdom's Trash... (+75)
  6. Revered 4,000/21,000:
    1. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote I: Yak Attack (+250)
    2. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote II: On the Loose (+250)
    3. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote III: Crazy For Cabbage (+400)
  7. Revered 8,500/21,000:
    1. N [90] Nana's Vote I: Nana's Secret Recipe (+400)
    2. N [90] Nana's Vote II: The Sacred Springs (+400)
    3. N [90] Nana's Vote III: Witchberry Julep (+400)
  8. Revered 12,600/21,000 (Lost Dog, optional):
    1. N [90] Lost and Lonely (+500)
  9. Revered 16,800/21,000:
    1. N [90] Haohan's Vote I: Bungalow Break-In (+300)
    2. N [90] Haohan's Vote II: The Real Culprits (+300)
    3. N [90] Haohan's Vote III: Pure Poison (+300)
    4. N [90] Haohan's Vote IV: Melons For Felons (+300)
  10. Revered 20,000/21,000:
    1. N [90] Haohan's Vote V: Chief Yip-Yip (+1000)
  11. Exalted:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm III: The Mossy Boulder
    2. N [90] A Second Hand
  12. Exalted with all 16 plots unlocked
    1. N [90] Inherit the Earth

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