An overview of Narvir's Cradle showing the Iron Colossus under construction.

Narvir's Cradle is located in the Snowdrift Plains of Storm Peaks, southwest of Bouldercrag's Refuge. It is the construction site for the Iron Colossus, the war engine of the iron dwarves. Destroying the Colossus before it can be used against the earthen from Ulduar is the objective of the quest N [25-30] The Iron Colossus.


Accepting the quest N [25-30] The Iron Colossus triggers phasing for this area and the Snowdrift Plains.

  • 'Normal' mobs prior to the quest are removed from both areas.
  • The colossus no longer appears in the scaffolding
  • Before the quest is completed, the colossus wanders the snowdrift plains, past the Cradle and into the center of the plains west of Bouldercrag's refuge.

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