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Nashal the Watcher.

Nashal the Watcher[42, 35] is a large statue found at Nashal's Watch in Stormheim. During N Jewelcrafting [10-45] Eyes of Nashal you have to take the two Eye of Nashal gems from the statue's eyes.


  • The statue is named after the vrykul Nashal.
  • Climbing to the top via a hidden (and extremely long) staircase rewards the achievement  [Going Up]. His ear is a hidden exit to his arm, if one prefers falling to the stairs again.
  • There's an "exit" through the right ear of the Watcher (confirmed as of 10 July 2017). As demon hunter you can use spacebar to get up inside. Entry into the "ear" gives the achievement. Can be reached by flying.
  • Sotnar's Rest is a semi-sunken statue that uses the same model.