MobNatha'vor tribe
Main leader IconSmall DireBloodTroll.gif Poz'ga the Butcher Queen
Race(s) Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
Character classes Witch doctor[1]
Capital Natha'vor
Theater of operations Nazmir
Language(s) Zandali
Affiliation G'huun
Status Active

The Natha'vor tribe is a tribe of blood trolls located in a village of the same name. The tribe is known for its heavy ritualistic practice of cannibalism, the women eating the males of the tribe and anything they capture believing that the practice grants them greater power.[2][3] In addition to the eating of their own tribe and captured individuals, the tribe sacrifices some of the unfortunate souls to serve as food for the monstrous mawfiends they train and raise to aid the tribe in combat.[4]