NeutralNatural Antiseptic

Longshadow Mushan
Start Provisioner Bamfu [49.1, 71.3]
End Provisioner Bamfu [49.1, 71.3]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards 11g


Obtain 5 Full Mushan Bladders.


The Shado-Pan are rare, elite, and quite expensive to train and replace. We can't afford to have any falling to a poisoned weapon or an infected cut. That's why I need you to get... something.

Let me be blunt. Mushan urine is a great, natural antiseptic. They produce a large amount of it, which is lucky... because we tend to use a lot.


You will receive: 11g


It's messy work, certainly.

Nowhere near as messy as digging graves.


Your messy work may have saved a few lives today, <race>.



Pick up N [25-35] The Field Armorer and N [25-35] A Proper Poultice before heading out. Don't focus on these quests to the exclusion of others—they're long-term gathering quests. The main chain starts with N [25-35] The Motives of the Mantid and N [25-35] Set the Mantid Back from Tai Ho.

Head northeast to the Underbough to start killing Longshadow Mushan and Rankbite Tortoises and looing Mao-Willows. Bladders are somewhat frequently dropped. Shell fragments drop in quantities of 8-12, and willows are gathered individually.


  1. N [25-35] The Motives of the Mantid & N [25-35] Set the Mantid Back
  2. N [25-35] The Wisdom of Niuzao
  3. N [25-35] Niuzao's Price
  4. N [25-35] The Terrible Truth & N [25-35] Give Them Peace & N [25-35] A Trail of Fear

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