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Navane was a planet inhabited by a handful of intelligent races. Though they shared a history of enmity, they put aside their differences to form a tenuous alliance when the demons of the Burning Legion invaded their world. During this time, the dreadlord Kathra'natir came into possession of the dreaded blade known as  [Apocalypse]. Disguised as one of their own soldiers, Kathra'natir walked among Navane's resistance forces and whispered rumors of betrayal in every ear while Apocalypse clouded the defenders' ability to reason. Old hatreds and rivalries resurfaced, and the defenders began to fear each other as much as the Legion. In one night of wanton bloodshed, Navane's army went to war with itself as Kathra'natir admired his handiwork from a distance. By sunrise, not a single soldier remained to oppose the Legion's conquest of the planet.[1]