Navigation Console

The console as it first appears.

The Navigation Console is located on the middle level of the Vindicaar and is used by players as a means of traveling to various points on Argus while aboard the ship. This is accomplished through the unlocking of Lightforged beacons during the Argus quest campaign. It can also be used to have the Vindicaar "docked" in a different zone of Argus, with Krokuun being the default if you arrive from somewhere other than on Argus.

When the Vindicaar is infused with the power of the Crest of Knowledge, the console changes color along with the rest of the vessel.

Travel points

Antoran Wastes

Note: Only two of the three are available throughout the day for this zone. Rotation occurs on daily reset.


User interface

The user interface uses a modified version of the Flight Map, which instead of flight points, it uses the Vindicaar and Lightforged beacons as the points to travel across Argus.

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