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Naxxramas Treasure
Naxxramas Treasures
Publisher(s) Upper Deck Entertainment
Type Treasure
Release date December 22, 2009
Total cards 40
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Card Totals[]

Total Cards: 40

  • 40 Numbered Cards
    • 0 Commons
    • 10 Uncommons
    • 30 Rares
    • 0 Epics

This set contains 40 cards filled with loot from the Naxxramas raid. Each pack contains 17 cards.


The numbering is based on a priority of:

  1. Heroes
    1. Alliance
    2. Horde
  2. Equipment

Card List[]



Number Name Health Spec Class Race
1 Gyro of the Ring (Naxxramas Treasure) 27 Subtlety Rogue IconSmall Gnome Male
2 Loraala the Frigid (Naxxramas Treasure) 25 Frost Mage IconSmall Draenei Female
3 Martiana the Mindwrench (Naxxramas Treasure) 26 Shadow Priest IconSmall Dwarf Female
4 Oakenclaw (Naxxramas Treasure) 27 Feral Druid IconSmall NightElf Male
5 Randolphe Mortimer 29 Feral Death Knight IconSmall HumanDeathKnight Male


Number Name Health Spec Class Race
6 Andarius the Damned (Naxxramas Treasure) 28 Affliction Warlock IconSmall Undead Female
7 Boarguts the Impaler 30 Fury Warrior IconSmall Orc Male
8 Justice Blindburn (Naxxramas Treasure) 29 Retribution Paladin IconSmall BloodElf Male
9 The Longeye (Naxxramas Treasure) 28 Survival Hunter IconSmall Troll Male
10 Tribemother Torra (Naxxramas Treasure) 29 Restoration Shaman IconSmall Tauren Female


11 Cincture of Polarity ArmourNeutral
12 Cover of Silence ArmourNeutral
13 Faerlina's Madness ArmourNeutral
14 Footwraps of Vile Deceit ArmourNeutral
15 Girdle of Razuvious ArmourNeutral
16 Gloves of Calculated Risk ArmourNeutral
17 Riveted Abomination Leggings ArmourNeutral
18 Scourgeborne Battlegear ArmourNeutral
19 Torn Web Wrapping ArmourNeutral
20 Voice of Reason ArmourNeutral
21 Wall of Terror ArmourNeutral
22 Bandit's Insignia ItemNeutral
23 Dying Curse ItemNeutral
24 Icy Blast Amulet ItemNeutral
25 Signet of Manifested Pain ItemNeutral
26 Strong-Handed Ring ItemNeutral
27 Urn of Lost Memories ItemNeutral
28 Arrowsong WeaponNeutral
29 Betrayer of Humanity WeaponNeutral
30 Calamity's Grasp WeaponNeutral
31 Cryptfiend's Bite WeaponNeutral
32 Damnation WeaponNeutral
33 Envoy of Mortality WeaponNeutral
34 Last Laugh WeaponNeutral
35 Plague Igniter WeaponNeutral
36 Sinister Revenge WeaponNeutral
37 Split Greathammer WeaponNeutral
38 The Turning Tide WeaponNeutral
39 The Undeath Carrier WeaponNeutral
40 Widow's Fury WeaponNeutral