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Image of Nazan
Race Nether drake (Dragonkin)
Level 62 - 72 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Hellfire Ramparts
Status Killable

Nazan <Vazruden's Mount> is a nether drake found in Hellfire Ramparts. Nazan is part of the Vazruden encounter.


See Vazruden for information seeing as how the two fight together.


Loot Note

Upon killing Nazan, a Reinforced Fel Iron chest spawns to the side and the two pieces of loot from this encounter are in there.

Make sure you wait a bit after killing Nazan for the chest to spawn, and look around for it. The usual strategy putting Nazan in the center of the ring and rotating him as he breathes often has him dying over the chest, hiding it from view.

Vazruden Loot (Normal and Heroic)
Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Normal)
Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Heroic)
Jewels (Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Heroic Only))

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